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Meet Camila Rosa - Feminist, Illustrator & Champion for Women's Rights

by Sol de Janeiro Team November 02, 2018

Meet Camila Rosa - Feminist, Illustrator & Champion for Women's Rights

Brazilian. Determined. Talented.

Get to know Camila Rosa. An artist whose work speaks volumes and supports the societal movement for equality and women's rights.

Your illustrations are captivating and extremely vocal when it comes to women in today's culture. Describe what motivated you to become an artistic champion for women's rights. 
I'm a feminist since I was 13 years old given my involvement with the punk/hardcore scene. Feminism was a very common subject at the time and present on concerts, fanzines and band's lyrics. So, when I became an Illustrator/artist in 2010, I had this urgency to put my political ideas on my drawings. But that was really hard because I didn't have my own style yet. So in 2014, I decided to try drawing female figures and in the next year, I really found my path. Since that I feel I'm where I want to be, I draw what I feel. 

- What are your thoughts on body confidence?
I think it's really hard to talk about body confidence in a world where women are oppressed by the beauty industry and its beauty standards.
But it's important to change our minds and start to break those stereotypes by just loving our own body. I know that it's not that simple, but I think there's a long way ahead of us and It's urgent to re-educate our minds about our body.

Art by Camila Rosa depicting beauties in bathing suits and body positivity

- Although we realize that no two days are alike, what's a typical day like for you?
It's pretty simple. I wake-up and eat something, then I get to my workstation in my bedroom and I work on the projects I have going on at that moment. I usually stop when it's 7 pm and I spend the rest of the night watching or reading something and talking to my husband. This a totally typical day!

-What projects are you currently working on?
At this moment I'm working on a campaign for a female beauty brand only about women and activism (which I love so much). At the same time, I'm working on some illustrations for a Brazilian Magazine about black feminism and finally I'm also working on a poster illustration for the Pink October. 

-What do you think the world needs more of?
I think the most urgent thing we need at this moment is to be respected! It's critical to create spaces of diversity and respect. Everyone is living in the worst scenario with conservative governments. We need to love and respect each other but we can't tolerate a conservative and fascist world.

Art by Camila Rosa depicting beauty and body positivity

- How would you say your Brazilian background has shaped or inspired your creative pursuits?
I can say that been born in Brazil brought me a sort of strength to face the world in a different way. In Brazil, we need to be creatives since we don't have plenty of opportunities compared to other countries. So this helped me a lot to understand that I can create with what I have. I don't need the best computer or the best art material, I just need to create considering the reality I'm in.

- What is your overall goal when designing new work? How would you describe your style?
I always try to push myself to try something different. A different way to do a simple outline or a texture. I love to see my old illustrations and realize how I changed my style. That's why is hard to describe my style because it always changes.

- What do you find most challenging about your career? How do you overcome?
Maybe the most challenging thing is to deal with my own mind because I'm very demanding with myself. I very hard on myself and insecure so I usually think my craft is not good enough. Besides that, coming from a small town in the countryside and being able to make my work visible to the world was a great achievement I can hardly believe in.

A poster design by Camila Rosa: The Future of Equality

- Proudest moment thus far?
It's really hard to pick one - I'm really undecided - but I think creating the Equality poster for the Wall Street Journal's Festival "The Future of Everything" is my favorite. Apart from the fact I was invited by such a world-renowned client, I love how it came out and the how the theme is a constant topic in my work.

- Advice for girls and young women dealing with body insecurities? How has self-love helped you become who you are today?
My advice is to challenge your conception of beauty by opening yourself to different contexts, different people, different realities and being able to notice that everyone has its own bodies, its own characteristics and there is no absolute measure of what is beautiful or ugly, there's only diversity!

Art depicting women earning liberation through education by Camila Rosa

- What are your words to live by?
Educate Yourself!

- Brazil now, but what's your dream getaway?
Maybe NYC again someday, but I love to live in Brazil and Brazil needs us right now.

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