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    Resolutions You’ll WANT to Keep - Sol de Janeiro

    January 02, 2020

    New Year -- Best You!

    For 2020 we want more fun, flirting and flaunting, of course! Here's a few ways we're staying true to our Sol this year.

    Share the Joy

    Make someone’s day by complimenting at least one person a day - on their attitude, look, or something they’ve done that gave you joy. 

    An easy way to find joy is to give generously. Look for those small moments of impulse giving, and act on them!

    Paying for someone's subway fare, helping someone carry their bags up a flight of stairs, giving a flower to a stranger -- they’re seemingly small acts, but can translate into a day’s worth of joy to another person. Sometimes even more.

    Stay hydrated 

    You are only as happy as you are hydrated. Seriously. 

    This is the year to finally keep a reusable water bottle in your bag - and refill it often! Make it a challenge or a game for yourself. Your body (and skin) will thank you.

    Amp up the hydration with Coco Cabana Cream to get your hydration covered from all angles.

    Remember your sunscreen

    It’s no secret anymore that the sun, as beautiful as she is, is also what ages our skin. In 2020, we’re incorporating SPF into our routines EVERY day. (Yes, even the cloudy ones)

    My Sol Stick (SPF 50) makes it easy to turn this has-been chore into a self-care indulgence! Not only does it smell delicious, but the texture is so smooth and luxurious. 

    Tip: Use it as a primer - the matte formula is perfect for prepping up a velvety canvas.

    Treat your feet

    We invest in shoes that are comfy, and cute because we use our feet every. Single. Day. Our feet deserve a little extra TLC as well.

    Taking a few minutes to take care of your feet is an underrated and overlooked treat. A short foot-massage with a dreamy scented foot cream each goes a loooong way at the end of a long day - especially if that massage is being given from someone else! ;)

    Be ready for close-ups

    In Brazil, a conversation or greeting isn’t complete without SOME sort of physical contact. (Double kisses, single kisses, hugs, handshakes, cafunes - you name it). Nothing’s more important than being close to those you love!

    Keep your skin touchably soft with Brazilian Nude, and lips always prepped with Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter. You never know who you’ll have to kiss hello next.

    Take a vacation every day

    Keep a Brazilian Crush at your desk to spritz whenever you need a tropical vibe pick-me-up. A refreshed mindset brings out the best in you, which will bring out the best in others.

    Don’t forget to share the joy! Bring one to your office and set a daily alarm for a spritz that the entire office can get in on. 

    What are your reSOLutions for 2020?

    29 Responses


    January 22, 2020

    Sorprendida y muy enamorada de mi fragancia bum bum sorprendente su aroma,Rica fragancia.


    January 14, 2020

    I’m trying to incorporate more movement into my routine with walking and Pilates; and also I’m being more vigilant? diligent?—one of those—with my skincare! (with bum bum cream, of course)

    Miriam Santos

    January 14, 2020

    I can’t wait


    January 14, 2020

    I love the fragrance of all the products!

    Sarai Fuentes

    January 13, 2020

    Can’t Walt to try the products!


    January 13, 2020

    I love the bum coco cabana cream. I want to try the foot cream which is next on my list


    January 13, 2020

    LOVE the smell!!!!

    Sheng Yang

    January 13, 2020

    Getting the nude body cream! I just love the packaging 📦 and the fact that I can use it as a base for all my fragrances! Otherwise, new years resolution is read read READ!


    January 13, 2020

    Can I just say how much I’m obsessed! I’m all about the Sol De Janeiro… I threw out my Victoria Secret and Bath & Both out no other lotions or fragrances can compare!!!


    January 13, 2020

    I give bum bum cream away on my youtube channel fibromyalgia kim. I think it’s a great way to pamper yourself!

    Shannon Stewart

    January 13, 2020

    The classic bum bum cream is my absolute favorite. The softness and fragrance brings summer even in the cold Wyoming days.

    Stacy Nibert

    January 09, 2020

    Just received my very first order. I’m hooked! My skin and hair is looking forward to all the benefits of my new skincare regiment.

    Mary Murphy

    January 09, 2020

    I sooo wish you guys would change Coco Cabana back to its original formula. I know that’s not a resolution but it is a wish for the New Year!

    Melinda Pavlich

    January 09, 2020

    Need to try Sol foot bundle for winter feet!!

    Angela Raspanti

    January 09, 2020

    I love the coco cabana scent and I love the bum bum no less!!! Both sprays and creams have become necessities! Like food, water and shelter🤣🤣 I haven’t had the opportunity to try the lip balm or the shampoo/conditioner But, I have plans to do so very soon❤ P.S. Sol de Janeiro, make us a coco cabana shirt too PLEASE💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡

    Kayla S

    January 09, 2020

    Nice! Love this stuff. It’s the best!


    January 09, 2020

    The Coco Cabana cream is the best! Not only does it smell amazing but my skin is so silky soft and moisturised after using it. It is my go to cream. I still love my Bum Bum but when I need that extra care like after shaving my legs the Coco Cabana is the number one.


    January 06, 2020

    I LOVEEEEE the Coco and Cabanna scent and how soft it leaves my skin! Can’t wait to try the bum bum cream

    Tina Pate

    January 06, 2020

    I love everything BumBum!! I am so in love with the scent and how great it leaves my skin feeling

    Danielle Swaite

    January 06, 2020

    I love ALL of the products!


    January 06, 2020

    I’m in love with Bum Bum cream, I actually use it on my face daily. I’ve seen a big difference in my wrinkles on my forehead. I never want to run out!😁

    Marie Garza

    January 06, 2020

    Totally love the bum bum cream! The smell is amazing

    Sharon Garza-Robles

    January 06, 2020

    Oh wow

    Brendalis Correa

    January 06, 2020

    I love the bum bum cream it’s my favorite the sent is everything and I’m obsessed but in a good way you know I want the perfume hopefully 2020 gives it to us…

    Amber Silas

    January 06, 2020

    After buying and using Bum Bum Cream I’ve enjoyed smoother, firmer thighs and butt.
    I’ve become an addict and have to place another order I’ll try your haircare and Sol 50 spf stick!
    Please keep expanding your fantastic product lines.


    January 06, 2020

    I wish it was summer time in Texas. But definitely still using SPF with any outdoor activity. Good point!


    January 03, 2020

    New to Bum Bum. Received a sample in a kit, and am hooked! Will be buying EVERYTHING now. Bonus??? Even my husband likes the way it smells. Meaning, more hugs for me! Yahoo!

    Amy Prince

    January 03, 2020

    My New year’s resolution is to introduce everyone I work with to Bum Bum cream for softer hands working in the emergency department and constantly having to use hand sanitizer combined with dry winter skin! OUCH


    January 02, 2020

    I use the sunscreen stick on my hands while driving to ward off age spots!

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