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Model Sharlene Radlein Beauty Secrets

by Sol de Janeiro Team February 27, 2017

Model Sharlene Radlein Beauty Secrets

What brought you to New York City?

The thought of living in New York City had been a lifelong dream of mine. Growing up, I always dreamt of moving here to pursue my Modeling career. It's where all the models I idolized became a supermodel. I took the leap of faith when I was 23 and walked into many modelling agencies with no real plan. I just knew I HAD TO LIVE HERE. After being rejected by 8 top modeling Agencies, one opened their door and they've been my family since.


What is your go-to fitness routine in the Winter and how do you stay motivated on those freezing New York City days?

Trying to stay motivated during the winter months in New York is always the hardest. The biting cold sways you to want to stay cuddled up underneath your blankets with a cup of hot chocolate. Then I remember I want abs, and those aren't created by sitting on my bum all day. (See what I did there.)

One word that keeps me motivated; ClassPass. I'm not a huge stickler on going to the gym and spending hours on end on one machine, I like to switch it up and ClassPass does just that. They offer an assortment of classes so I never get bored doing the same workout everyday (I am definitely anti-routine). Also, once I'm locked into a class I have to cancel 12 hours before, meaning less time for me to persuade myself out of getting that workout in. It's a great way to keep myself motivated.


What life experience taught you the most about yourself?

I've had many. But the one that set the stage for who am I would have to be the accident I was in when I was 17 years old. I was struck by a car while crossing a major street in Miami, helicoptered to the trauma center and received 15 stitches on my head and road rash all over the right side of my body. To this day I still have a scar around my eye ( sometimes people mistake it for smeared mascara or a mean shiner) After that accident I went through an extremely low period. My lifelong dream of becoming a model suddenly seemed like an unattainable goal.


The crazy thing is I don't even remember any of it happening, I just remember waking up thinking I was in my bed until I tried to move my arms then realizing I was actually on a stretcher in an ambulance with a neck brace on, my arms strapped down and covered in blood. After being hospitalized for 8 hours, I went home and walked into my bathroom to finally see what I looked like. It was hard to come to terms with my new battle wounds and the realization that I would no longer be deemed "normal". After a year of self doubt I grew frustrated seeing the models in catalogs and on television. That burning fire within me started to take action and I reached out to my friends that were starting cosmetology school and local photographers that were open to shoot. I had no idea what I was doing but I was headed in the right direction. Fast forward 4 years later—countless photoshoots, working over time, and being rejected in the miami market as a model. I took a leap of faith walking into the top modeling agencies in New York with still no real plan. My accident taught me to never give up or take no for an answer. Instead of pitying myself and making myself feeling guilty I used it to my advantage by saying, "my scars is what will set me apart from the crowd". If I'm able to overcome my accident and get signed to one of the top modeling agencies in New York then I can overcome anything.


Blogger Confessions

Name: Sharlene Radlein

Occupation: Other than being awesome, Model / Actress / Blogger

Hometown: Jamaica

Current City: New York

Instagram handle: @sharleneradlein


1. What are 5 songs from your current playlist?
Alessia Cara – Scars to your beautiful
Sonder – Too Fast
Xavier Omar – Blind Man
Sanjin – Nah Tell Dem
Wurld – Show You Off (feat. Shizzi & Walshy Fire)

2. Truth or Dare? Dare

3. Best kiss you have ever had?I'd have to say the one I received from my niece when she was learning how to give a kiss. She would grab my face and just kind of plant her lips on the side of my face all wet and slobbery and I enjoyed every second of it haha.


4. Favorite city you have ever traveled to? I'd have to say when I traveled to Todos Santos in Mexico. It's a small town about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas and it is absolutely breathtaking. It was great meeting the locals who took pride in their workmanship. I unfortunately don't speak spanish fluently so i relied on my google translate and the locals were able to piece together some words in English. Everyone was friendly and not to mention you can get some incredible leather bags if you're on the hunt! There are also signs for trails you can take to the beach. It's a bit sketchy I'm not going to lie but the views when you get to the top of the mountain before you head back down is totally worth while. The ocean was rough when I made it but it didn't stop the locals from jumping in and getting a quick dip. So if you're the adventurer type then I definitely recommend going there.


5. What is your ultimate beauty secret? Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. My mom taught me the importance of taking care of my skin and drinking a lot of water (it's what i drink 80% of the time)
I remember going to her room every morning and night growing up watching her as she would open one by one of the many, and I mean many bottles of face moisturizers. Applying it to her face, neck, and chest- some of the products she didn't even know what they did, she just said it was good for you haha. Her skin would radiate when she was finished. She would always tell me " you only have one face, so don't get lazy with your moisturizers". So, beauty secret rule number 1, HYDRATE! Thanks mom

6. What is your favorite food? Oh man! That's a tough one since living in New York the options are endless. So to name a few West Indian, Mexican, Italian and Japanese.

7. What is your go-to cocktail and who would you want to share it with? Does it make me lame when I say I'm not a huge drinker? To be honest, the extend of my knowledge when it comes to a cocktail is a Long Island. Haha I am into a glass of Red Wine though. Pour me a glass of Shiraz or Cabernet and now we're talking. I'd love to share it with someone who has a great story. The thing I love about New York is you get to meet people from all over the world so whether you're sitting at the local pub or a fine dine restaurant you never know what journey ordering that glass of wine will take you on.

8. Describe your style in 2 words. Colorfully Modern.


9. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Don't try to be anyone else, You're enough. Trust me.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Oh man, binge watching Fixer Upper or Property Brothers on HGTV while eating some sort of snack (I have many snacks, a full drawer to be honest, it's kind of a problem lol)

11. What is your favorite Sol de Janeiro product you cannot live without? I have been obsessed with the BUM BUM Cream since it released but the Açaí Body Power Cream is giving it a run for its money. It smells like a soft berry field I just want to roll around in forever. I promise you, it's one of those lotions that when you put on everyone will be hanging around you for a bit longer. (;

Photographer: Bryant Littrean, @littphotos,

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