Spring Cleaning & Home Makeovers || Our Favorite Brazilian Houseplants - Sol de Janeiro

Spring Cleaning & Home Makeovers || Our Favorite Brazilian Houseplants For Clearing The Air

by Sharon Kim May 22, 2020

Spring Cleaning & Home Makeovers || Our Favorite Brazilian Houseplants For Clearing The Air

It’s official. Spring Cleaning season is upon us.

As daunting of a task this usually is, we feel a little better about it this year now that we have the magical guidance of Marie Kondo on our side, plus alittle bit of extra time at home on the weekends (and by a “little bit”, we mean we haven’t left our block for two months).

Being home so much has also been extra incentive to really make it our sanctuary. It’s where we do EVERYTHING now, and it didn't take long for us to realize that having a clear space = a clear mind.

One of our favorite ways to top off a freshly deep-cleaned room (beyond the regular ritual of lighting up our favorite candle as a finishing touch) is to bring life back into the space with a houseplant (or two… or in our case, probably seven). Not only are they great for the room’s ~aesthetic~, but having indoor plants have proven to improve mood, reduce stress, and clean the air (NASA even tested and used houseplants to find a way to filter the air in space stations), which overall boosts your immune system. Did your ears perk up yet?

Okay, so no one is really goinganywhere anytime soon, let alone space. But if NASA is on board? Come on. You better believe we’re calling this a legit spring cleaning hack.

We’re all about bringing Brazil to YOU, from Brazilian beauty tips to recipes, and now to some fresh Brazilian home decor. Now that summer vacations will be postponed for quite some time, we're not missing a beat on making our current home look like the Brazilian summer house of our dreams.

Thankfully, a lot of common houseplants are native to Brazil and bring just as much joy and spunk to your living space, in true Brazilian fashion.

Here are our top 5 favorite houseplants that will transform your space into a dreamy Brazilian bungalow.


Oxalis Triangularis

Also known as the “False Shamrock,” the Oxalis Triangularis is a vibrant houseplant that’s easy to care for! It requires multiple hours of direct sunlight (honestly, so do we) - so cozying one up in a nice sunny nook will make it thrive.

Personally, I have one that I keep in a sunny corner of my kitchen. The leaves remind me of whimsical yet dark butterflies, which are so unique and beautiful.

It blooms occasionally with lavender flowers, which is an added element of surprise! Just be sure to keep them away from pets.



Rattlesnake Plant

Come on, wild child! The Rattlesnake Plant gets its name from its vibrant, striped slender leaves with a deep purple underside. It’s native to tropical areas of Brazil, so it thrives in a warm, humid environment with bright, indirect sunlight. The compact growth makes this an easy statement plant to spruce up any living space!



Philodendron Brasil

One of the easiest tropical plants to grow indoors, these natural beauties with luscious heart-shaped leaves are a staple greenery piece to add some instant volume to your home. It’s also one of the easiest plants to propagate (restart) so it’s a great way to share the love. 

Speaking of propagating plants, check out our video of how to properly start new ones. Have empty body cream jars hanging around? Repurpose them to make new plant homes, and maybe drop some off on your friends’ doorsteps for a pleasant #SocialDistancing surprise!



Porphyrocoma Pholiana

One of our favorite holidays in Brazil is New Year's Eve because we get to watch some amazing fireworks on the beach to ring in the new year. 

We have some good news for you - you can enjoy Brazilian fireworks without getting on a plane for Brazil or wait for NYE.

Porphyrocoma Pholiana (also known as Brazilian Fireworks - definitely a LOT easier to say) bring that same joy and celebration with its fun pink-purple flowers and festive leaves. Set it in a nice shady area and keep it well watered - this one is maybe the trickiest of all of our other Brazilian plant friends to maintain, but it’s well worth it.



Silver Vase Plant

This blooming bromeliad will give you more green-thumb-street-cred without the high maintenance. The Silver Vase Plant is perfect to instantly bring some color and life into any room that needs a little more zhuzh - just give the silver leaves a quick spritz when you’re in need of a quick glistening pop. Low maintenance AND stunning?? This one’s definitely a win in our books.

Which houseplant will be your first stepping stone to building that dream Brazilian vacation of yours indoors? 

Tell us in the comments below, and share some of the other fun ways you’ll be vacationing at home.

In the meantime, we’ll be lounging under the shade of our exotic plant friends with a Caipirinha in hand, as always.

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