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The Power of Touch – 5 Steamy & Sensual Tips

by Sol de Janeiro Team January 14, 2018

The Power of Touch – 5 Steamy & Sensual Tips

Steamy and sensual tips from certified sex therapist Sari Cooper.


Erotic triggers are part of an exciting sensual and sexual life.  These 5 sensory triggers include: touch, taste, sound, smell, sight.  When exploring what will turn you on, start with your top 3 triggers. If your list includes touch and smell, using Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream to massage onto your skin can begin to take you into a more erotic realm.


Tantra erogenous zones are divided into 3 categories as a way of building sensual steam in the bedroom. Tantra is especially geared toward building a women's erotic energy gradually for a more pleasurable experience. The tertiary zone's pleasure areas is where a good lover can begin to build their partner's erotic fire. These areas are furthest away from the primary zones which include the lips, nipples and genitals. Tertiary zones include the palm of a hand, the big toe and the inside of an elbow all perfect places to start touching, teasing and massaging to get oneself or a partner relaxed and totally focused on erotic energy.


Sex Esteem® (a term I coined) includes knowing how and where you like to be touched. One's sensuality begins with an awareness of your own sensuality without any negative judgment or shame (all the critical self talk most women develop over time).  Giving oneself time to take a warm bath, massage one's feet and hands with super smooth, beautiful-smelling body cream like Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Touch and Samba Foot Fetish Cream energizes the erotic triggers of touch and smell making one transported to the world of sensuality and turned on for pleasure.


One shouldn't only expect loving touch from someone else to feel sexy.  Rituals like lighting a scented candle, taking a bath, caressing one's skin with a quick-drying lotion that's sensuous to smooth on and smells fresh and light like Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Touch Hand Cream or their famous Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Wearing lingerie or underwear that triggers your tactile turn-on is another way to feel sexually energized all day or night.


Love or desire points, like those of acupressure is part of a Tantric system to build erotic excitement.  Examples like touching, titillating and tickling points like the nape of a neck or the back of the knee with tips of your or a partner's fingers, tracing an ice cube or a dripping the beautifully scented Brazilian Touch Hand Cream in the palm of your hand are the first steps to bringing your body to a sexual simmer.

Those humans challenged with low desire can go back to basics creating a more embodied sense of sexuality through mindful erotic massage.  Using new tools like cooking utensils (think pasta spoon, fork or whisk) to create subtle or strong new sensations on a partner's back, a luscious cream like Sol de Janeiro's cream rubbed into the arch of a foot, or silky scarf warmed in the dryer slowly dragged over the collar bone are all innovative ways to awaken the senses and bring about new excitement in one's sex life.

Special Thanks to certified sex therapist, Sari Cooper,  for these steamy and sensual tips!
Sol de Janeiro Team
Sol de Janeiro Team

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