The TOP 5 Black Friday Deals - Sol de Janeiro

The TOP 5 Black Friday Deals - Sol de Janeiro

by Sharon Kim November 27, 2019

The TOP 5 Black Friday Deals - Sol de Janeiro

Hot Take: There is NO better feeling than stacking discounts (maybe except for being swarmed by a litter of puppies. Tough call though.)

Luckily for you, the Black Friday Sale at Sol de Janeiro has you set up for ALL the gifting success because:

  1. You can get 25% off sitewide, including holiday sets and bundles! (which, by the way, already come at an amazing deal) - making some bundles and sets up to 50% off
  2. The sale runs through Cyber Monday!

The best kind of math is calculating how much money you’re saving, so why don’t we save you some time too?

Here are the top five deals you need to hop on right now:

#5. Carnaval Shimmer Set

Value: $33
Original Bundle Price: $24
After the Black Friday Discount: $18
(You save: $15, or 45% off)

Dynamic duo. The perfect sizes to pack up for the holidays.

P.S. Bubble Bath + Candle + Brazilian Bum Bum Cream = the best escape from inevitable holiday family-gathering drama.

We dare you to try it. (You’re welcome btw).


#4. Carnaval Dreams Set

Value: $59
Original Bundle Price: $40
After the Black Friday Discount: $30
(You save: $28, or 48% off the original value!)

IMO, the star of this *dreamy* set is the full-size Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter (which alone retails for $18!).

With the sale, you're practically getting the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter and the Brazilian 4 Play Shower Cream for f r e e.


#3. Carnaval Dazzle Set

Value: $59
Original Set Price: $40
After the Black Friday Discount: $30
(You save: $29, or 49% off the original value!)

Personally, I will be buyingmultiples of this set. Here's why:

It comes with the two iconic Sol de Janeiro fragrance options (Cheirosa ’62 and Cheirosa ’39), and the sizes are PERFECT for splitting up as stocking stuffers. Easiest Christmas of my life. Next!


#2.Carnaval Celebration Set

Value: $89
Original Set Price: $59
After the Black Friday Discount: $44.25 
(You save: $44.75, or 50% off the original value!)

This all-star set of Cheirosa ’62 favorites was SO popular last year that we had to bring her back.

During the sale, the entire set costs less than a full-size Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (regularly a $45 value), which is already included in the set. 


#1. The Limited Edition Votive Candle Trio

Value: $54
Original Bundle Price: $36
After the Black Friday Discount: $27
(You save: $27, or 50% off the original value!) 

That makes each luxurious candle just $9.
Would you rather buy two subpar, overpriced lattes this week? Or a candle that will fill your entire room with the gorgeous, cozy scent of Cheirosa ’62?

Choose wisely. We know you will ;)


Honorable mentions: 

The Brazilian Goddess Collection 

#SolShrine GOALS. Instant shelfie builder.
For those of you who fell into a snowball rolling downhill towards SDJ Obsession-ville, this bundle is for you.

Value: $147
Original Bundle Price: $117
After the Black Friday Discount: $87.75
(You save: $59.25, or 40% off the original value!) 

Brazilian Goddess Collection - Sol-de-Janeiro


Cheirosa ’62 Candle

This is the best gift to give (to others, but especially to yourself) because it is SUCH a treat. It smells so good that it’ll give itself away before it can even be unwrapped.

Plus, getting limited-edition items during a sale is always a smart move so you don’t get hit with that FOMO when they’re all gone!

Original Price: $42
After the Black Friday Discount: $31.50

Limited Edition Cheirosa '62 Candle


Now that you have the full breakdown, what’s in your Black Friday cart? Share with us in the comments below!

33 Responses


January 31, 2020

Absolutely love the smell and quality!


January 02, 2020

Didn’t see this blog before Black Friday but I did buy multiple sets during this sale. To go to pass up

LaNette Krob

December 31, 2019

❤️This !

Mary Murphy

December 31, 2019

It figures I had no money on Black Friday weekend because I would have definitely bought set #2. Carnival Celebration Set. It had the best of both of the greatest scents in it! Great Item❤


December 23, 2019

Love love love this stuff !!

Tracy Bailes

December 23, 2019

This is my go to signature fragrance and lotion line. Just need an EDT perfume in this line!


December 23, 2019

Love the bum bum cream and the smell is divine, can’t wait to try the shampoo and conditioner!

Brendalis Correa

December 23, 2019

Im obsessed with eveything my must have is the bum bum cream and mist and just got the candle and its amazing the only thing I’m waiting now is for a hai leave in cream and the purfume… but it’s a must have…

Jade Williams

December 20, 2019

Love it so much. So excited they released a candle amazinggg

Erika Avitia

December 20, 2019

For me and my mom😍😍😍


December 18, 2019

Seriously my favorite scent ! I love every product! I wasn’t so crazy about the body scrub at first but after a few uses I ended up falling in love ! Customer service is the best & I will gifting all my lovely ladies some SoL this year !!

Haley Balas

December 16, 2019

LOVE this line! It is truly wonderful and delicious!

Arielle Meier

December 16, 2019

I love it I have the bum bum but I ordered the coco cabana and can not wait to try it


December 16, 2019

I am so addicted to this product ❤️❤️❤️

LaNette Krob

December 10, 2019

Bum Bum cream is the best out there !! Haven’t found anything close

Keren M

December 06, 2019

I found out of Sol de Janeiro because I got a BUM BUM CREAM in one of my beauty subscription box… I FELL IN LOVE! Can wait to get all the other products:)


December 05, 2019

Im so happy to see the holiday deals!


December 05, 2019

I got a 75 ml size of bum bum cream in a beauty box almost 2 years ago and just now decided to buy more. The black Friday sale was great and I can’t wait to receive the items.

Rosa Ramirez

December 03, 2019

Love this stuff!!! I need to try the lip balm though..


December 03, 2019

Used the sale to buy gifts for my family! So happy!

Dixie Torres

December 03, 2019

Requested a lot of these products as Christmas gifts from the hubs! So excited!


December 02, 2019

Going to need a few of those candles.


December 02, 2019

These products are nothing short of AMAZING! I got my first 24ml container of bum bum in the Allure beauty box and fell in love. That was 2 days after watching Sephora on YouTube and them talking about the scent. I didn’t think I’d like it….Now I’m OBSESSED! The hair and body mist is incredible too! I was soooo happy with the Blackfriday sale!

Emily Bochette

December 02, 2019

Love all these products! So excited to try the lip Brazilian kiss!


December 02, 2019

So excited! ♥️

Anna Tipton

December 02, 2019

I cant get enough of this stuff!!❤

Jennifer E.

December 02, 2019

I LOVE THE CARNAVAL SET!!❤️ It is amazing and the smell lasts four hours😍😍


December 02, 2019

Definitely getting bundles as gifts for my mom and sister!!


November 29, 2019

The Carnival Celebration set is a must have! I want to buy a few to get through to next year, and to give as Christmas presents! I am addicted!


November 29, 2019

I really like this product. I read about it on Yahoo news and I just had to try it. It’s wonderful.


November 29, 2019

The Carnaval set 🥰🔝

Lauren Atkinson

November 29, 2019

I am so excited about these bundles ♡♡♡♡


November 29, 2019

I absolutely LOVE, Love, love, The quality and fragrance of this entire line of Sol de Janeiro. I am Thankful for this wonderful holiday discount and gift packs. 10/10 Top of my list this holiday.!!

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