It’s Time To Treat Your Feet Like Your Face. 7 Tips For Irresistible Catch-Me, Kiss-Me Feet

Sol de Janeiro

Dr. Suzanne Levine, celebrity podiatrist and author of “My Feet Are Killing Me” says a pedicure here and there isn’t enough when it comes to foot care. Not only can the salon treatment be dangerous, but Levine stresses we really should be pampering our body’s foundation more often. “People seem to neglect their feet,” Levine says, noting that the oversight is ...

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Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Body Tips

It is always good to know a few Brazilian Beauty Secrets because Brazilian women are some of the most most beautiful in the world, with strong well built bodies, soft caramel skin, wrapped in a fierce beauty that oozes confidence. It is not just about genes, in fact, Brazilian Beauty is the result of eating ...

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Stay In-Shape This Holiday Season

Sol de Janeiro Jess Palu

Sol de Janeiro interviews Jess Palu, Flywheel Sports Instructor, NYC  1. What has been your most grueling physical challenge to date? As a professional dancer and Flywheel Sports instructor in New York City,  the holiday season is the most physically grueling time of year for me! Preparing to open a show as I teach my classes ...

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What’s All the Fuzz About?

Sol de Janeiro Golden Body Veil

Who says body hair has to go? The latest accessory to hit the beaches this summer is glistening golden beach fuzz. But in Brazil, we’ve been doing it for decades. Here, we believe when it comes to peach fuzz: Use it. Don’t lose it. Now you can shed some light on the topic too...

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