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    90ml Cheirosa ’40 Hair + Body Perfume Mist

    Black Amber Plum & Vanilla Woods Perfume Spray

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    You'll Love It

    This intoxicating-yet-delicate fragrance offers an inviting sensorial experience that brings together sensuous florals with a deep deliciousness that’s warm and irresistible.

    • Soft and sultry all at once, Cheirosa ’40 mingles gourmand notes of black amber plum and dark yet sweet crème de cassis mingled with warm vanilla woods, fresh jasmine blooms, and a hint of musk to reveal a sophisticated fragrance that’s a celebration for the senses.
    • A sophisticated, paradise-rich fragrance that leaves you so cheirosa. In Brazil, this means you smell absolutely irresistible. It’s a way of life and a way of loving life.
    • Spritz from head to toe and on your hair so your scent moves with you.
    • Scent your entire world to immerse yourself in the scent you love. Scent lingerie, bed linens, and even freshly laundered clothes before putting them away in drawers and closets. We love to live in our fragrance.
      This glamourous new gourmand creation is inspired by the year 1840, when Rio introduced its first Carnaval Ball. Cheirosa ’40 captures the excitement, sophistication and ambiance of these bailes (balls) that still thrill and enchant today. The Magic Ball at the legendary Copacabana Palace Hotel, in particular, is considered one the most coveted destinations during Carnaval. Cheirosa ’40 welcomes the world to the party with a vivid mingling of revelry and radiance; elegance and exuberance.
      Alcohol Denat., Aqua (Water, Eau), Parfum (Fragrance)
      Use all over your body any time, anywhere. Spray on hair, clothes, lingerie and linens for a lingering scent of black amber plum, jasmine blooms and vanilla woods.
      Recycle (or reuse) the bottle and cap and discard the pump.

      Clean well and reuse your empty Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '40 bottle for your next DIY project. We like to fill ours with water and mist our plants!
      Fragrance Notes
      Top: Black Amber Plum, Crème de Cassis
      Mid: Jasmine Blooms, Brazilian Orchid
      Dry: Vanilla Woods, Warm Musk
      Cruelty Free
      Cruelty Free
      Gluten Free
      Gluten Free
      Paraben Free
      Paraben Free
      Sustainably Sourced
      Sustainably Sourced
      Vegan Friendly
      Vegan Friendly
      Cheirosa ’40 Hair + Body Fragrance Mist

      Brazilian Babe Tip

      Immerse yourself in the scent you love by layering with our Bom Dia Bright™ Cream for a richer and longer-lasting fragrance experience. Infused with the same warm, floral gourmand notes of Cheirosa ’40, this is a doubly delicious dose of cheirosa.

      Love it. Flaunt it. You've got it.