Beauty is different in Brazil

Sol de Janeiro

Brazil is home to some of the planet's most beautiful women: Adriana, Gisele, Alessandra, the Girl from Ipanema, and is the unofficial "hot bod" capital of the world. So, what's their secret? Find out with Sol de Janeiro. Based in the USA, Sol de Janeiro brings Brazilian beauty secrets worldwide with our luxurious, transformative line. Incorporating the latest and greatest super ingredients from the Amazon, each highly efficacious product helps you play up—and show off—your best assets. Ready to unleash your inner Brazilian Goddess? Shop our line today, and do beauty the Brazilian way.

Love it, Flaunt it, You’ve got it.


Heela Yang, co-founder, global beauty brand builder, developed her understanding of quality beauty care at Lancôme and Clinique. But it was only after living in São Paulo, with her husband, and son, who was born there—that this Korean-born New Yorker became fascinated with the unique confidence Brazilian women radiate. Especially evident in how they embrace this attitude on the beach, as well as throughout their warm sun-filled cities where a lot of clothing isn’t necessary, but beautiful skin and smiles are. Heela plans to spread the very Brazilian concept of staking claim to your individual beauty and lovingly caring for it, head-to-toe.


Marc Capra, co-founder, advertising guru, lived and worked at many major Mad Ave agencies in New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and São Paulo, heading JWT in Bangkok and Southeast Asia. He has worked on many international brands, including: DeBeers Diamonds, Rolex Watches, Unilever, Converse and Thai Airways. The original visionary for our brand, Marc became so enamored with Brazil after one visit, that he packed up and moved there, living in São Paulo for ten years. His dream is to share the beauty, and nurturing properties of Brazil with the world through Sol de Janeiro.


Camila Pierotti, our Brazilian Beauty Ambassador, is a native of Rio de Janeiro. Camila loves her city’s incredible beauty, set in a lush rainforest, peppered with mountains and forest, and surrounded by magnificent beaches—as well as its special revitalizing energy. Obsessed with the most effective beauty tips and secrets since she was a teen, Camila decided to hone her knowledge of high-end beauty products, first at Clinique, then at Nars in New York. At Sol de Janeiro, Camila is able to translate the Brazilian beauty rituals she’s been practicing and perfecting all of her life into amazing products made with the super ingredients of the Amazon. Camila wants to let us all in on Brazil’s special beauty secrets: lush, revitalizing, exciting and fun, much like her beloved Rio.