Model smiling at the beach

The warmth of sun on bare, glowing skin. The joy of waves crashing at your toes.The freedom of dancing the night away. The excitement of hitting the beach as your most authentic self

Named after the “Sun of January,” when the sun hits its highest point during Brazilian summers,

Sol de Janeiro brings that blissful peak summer feeling to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Three girls at the beach smiling

In Brazil, beautiful isn't a standard but an


It's the confidence from feeling good in your skin.

With a lifestyle born in the hot sands of Rio de Janeiro, we accept, embrace, hug and celebrate every body, every curve, every fold, every truth. No rules. All in.

Our hope is that our products and the heart of our DNA celebrate everything you are. Because when we feel good about ourselves,

We feel liberated. Alive. Powerful. And we want to share this feeling with others.

Self-Celebration And


is what moves us forward. It’s in everything we do. Making sure those “Sun of January” vibes shine bright every day, in every way.