Diversity Is in Our Nature

Sustainability in Skin & Body Care Products

In Brazil, we are immersed in beauty in all forms – from the colors, scents and sensations that surround us, to the Body Joy we see and feel every day. We embrace uniqueness because we know there’s no one way to be beautiful. Our love of diversity comes naturally to us and is at the heart of everything we do.

Sol de Janeiro is committed to creating products inspired by the lush, natural diversity of Brazil and intended for good – good for your skin, and good for the world around us.

Our experience comes from a place of positivity and pleasure, and we believe in high-quality beauty formulations that celebrate our bodies and bring something joyful to every body.

Sol de Janeiro isn’t about trends. Our products really offer the ingredients that Brazilians have loved and passed down over many generations, from mothers to daughters. They feel and smell amazing – and they work.

Camila, Founding Partner



Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Vegan Friendly

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Cruelty Free

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Sustainably Sourced

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Made in the USA

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Reef Safe SPF



At the heart of Sol de Janeiro you'll find Brazilian Beauty Secrets that harness the power of potent ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest. Rich in benefits and luxuriously body-loving, these carefully selected star ingredients are tried and true skin and hair care solutions. Sol de Janeiro proudly partners with suppliers who share our commitment to protect the Amazon, and our planet.

Our products are thoughtfully created with sustainable ingredients from certified suppliers that never impact the beauty and integrity of the Amazon Rainforest.

We believe in beauty, for good.

Meet our ingredient heroes.



Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Sulfate Free

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Phthalate Free

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Paraben Free

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

Mineral Oil Free

Sol de Janeiro Sustainability

No Microplastics

We prohibit the use of over 100 ingredients when formulating our products. Because skin that glows with confidence and happiness should be worry free.

We stay on top of developments in science and new standards to ensure human and environmental health and safety. Our current ingredient blacklist is below - these are the ingredients we’ll never use in our products.


Sol de Janeiro Sustainable Packaging



Our packaging brightens your shelfies and your life. We’re making sure we’re keeping the planet bright as well.

Our mission is to use sustainable and recyclable material whenever possible.

  • We consciously select manufacturing partners who efficiently utilize resources through renewable energy, recycling, hazmat waste programs, and water filtration.
  • As part of our dedicated commitment to sustainable packaging, we encourage all our suppliers to increase responsible fiber sourcing, giving preference to third party certified fiber for our paper and paperboard packaging.
  • Our plastic and paper packaging is currently reusable and recyclable in many communities in North America.

Our Future Goals

  1. By the end of 2021, all of our packaging will include clear recycling instructions. We are working with How2Recycle to standardize symbols on all packaging in North America.
  2. Sol de Janeiro has committed to make 100% of our plastic and non-plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.
  3. We are actively working to evaluate our plastic consumption. By the end of 2021 we will redesign our packaging to reduce plastic weight by 25%.
  4. 80% of our paper-based packaging material will be sourced from certified ethically sourced (FSC) virgin fiber or consist of at least 35% post-consumer recycled content by the end of 2021.
  5. Sol de Janeiro is adopting technologies to substitute petroleum-derived raw materials (plastics) with renewable materials, such as bio-resin sugar-cane derived plastics.
  6. We will convert all our paper-based product packaging to use non-chlorine whitened paper and non-solvent based inks by the end of 2023.


What does Brazil and sustainability mean to Sol de Janeiro?

Brazil is our inspiration. The Amazon is our heart.

We proudly partner with suppliers who are committed to protecting the Amazon – and our planet. Our products are thoughtfully created with sustainable ingredients that never impact the beauty and integrity of the Amazon Rainforest.

From our recyclable packaging to our high-performance formulas, we pride ourselves in offering the very best for our SOL Family, while honoring our Brazilian heritage, always.

Our mission is passionate and personal – it’s all about beauty, for good.

I’m hearing a lot about the deforestation problem in the Amazon. I want to know that my Sol de Janeiro products do not contribute to this issue in any way.

As a brand that celebrates Brazil and its profound beauty, we can promise that our partners and suppliers only use sustainable practices. That means that our products in no way harm or negatively impact the Amazon Rainforest.

We strive to maintain and preserve the richness, biodiversity and integrity of the Amazon Rainforest. Always.

The Amazon is at the heart of all of our products and we know that its gifts are essential to literally everyone on the planet.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes. Not only do we care deeply about the Amazon, we care deeply about the environment and are proud that every piece of our packaging is recyclable. All pumps have special recyclable needs, please contact your local recycling company for more details.

Your products are all inspired by Brazil. Does Sol de Janeiro support the communities of Brazil?

We believe in community and the power of positive relationships and we are proud to partner with organizations, like Rainforest Action Network, that are recognized for their important work to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

The devastating fires that affect the Amazon Rainforest are a profound concern to us as a brand, and as a family. We also know that these events will impact the entire planet and we want to help.

Why do you use silicones in Sol de Janeiro hair care?

The silicones we’ve carefully formulated in our haircare products aren’t cyclical or volatile silicones. They are a new water rinsable silicone. Traditional silicones provide a short term benefit to hair but then build up and result in weighed down, dull hair. Because traditional silicones form a protective layer over the hair and don’t rinse off, they attract build up and prevent conditioner and other nutrition from getting into the hair follicle, which can result in split ends and breakage. The new silicones use are water soluble, leaving a silky smooth finish without the buildup. Our silicones are not D4, D5, D6 silicones.