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Get to know our new and improved Coco Cabana Cream

August 15, 2019

COCO - Coco Cabana Cream


Our new and improved, *BETTER THAN EVER*, Coco Cabana Cream launches on on Friday, 8/16!


In our Instastory poll posted on 1/29, we asked:

“Should we adjust Coco Cabana Cream’s fragrance?” 59% of our participating audience said YES

“Would you like more coconut top notes in the cream?” 80% of our participating audience said YES

“Do you smell butter?” 64% of our participating audience said YES

 “Would you like to smell less of the buttery scent?” 68% of our participating audience said YES


Should we adjust #COCOCABANA cream's fragrance?  Yes - 59%, No - 41%


Do you smell butter?  Yes - 64%, No - 36%


Would you like to smell less of the buttery scent?  Yes - 68%, No - 32%


Should we adjust #COCOCABANA cream's fragrance?  Yes - 59%, No - 41%


SOL babes get what SOL babes want!



How is the new Coco Cabana Cream better than the first Coco Cabana Cream?

We’ve tweaked the fragrance to bring notes of young green coconuts we love in Brazil, right on top. That means we now have a more delicious coconut experience –and our scent is more irresistible than ever.

We also adjusted our formula to address the tingling sensation some users experienced, along with concerns some had about stickiness.

Our Coco Cabana Cream is now smoother than ever and absorbs beautifully.


How did you eliminate the “tingling sensation”?

A tingling sensation was reported by some users so we looked into this immediately. We found that the tingling sensation could be due to the fragrance, so we worked with our fragrance house to rebalance our fragrance notes.


Is the new Coco Cabana Cream still an oil-in-water formula?

It is! Our Coco Cabana Cream is made with plush body-loving oils that melt right into your skin, yet it feels light and luscious. It’s creamy, pampering, and moisture-plush so it smooths right on your skin – and absorbs easily, too. It feels amazing.


What did you do to make the cream less sticky?

We didn’t change our formula – or our amazing moisture benefits – but we did rebalance some of our ingredients to create a smoother experience when you apply Coco Cabana Cream.

You’ll love how it feels on your skin and how well it absorbs now.


I experienced a burning sensation when I tried Coco Cabana Cream before. How can I be sure it won’t happen again?

We found that any tingling sensation could be due to the fragrance so we immediately rebalanced our fragrance notes to address that issue.

We also removed the most common allergens from our formula and decided to go above and beyond industry standards by testing our formula on twice as many users as before.

We really took your concerns seriously and feel good about our updated formula.

Most importantly, we want YOU to feel good about Coco Cabana. We hope you try – and love our new Coconut Body Cream.


My skin is sort of sensitive to fragrance. Since you dialed up on the coconut note, does this mean that the cream now has a high level of fragrance?

We wanted to heighten the deliciousness of our coconut scent but we did that by just tweaking the fragrance a little and recalibrating our fragrance notes. We did not make our fragrance stronger.


Have you added more coconuts to the scent or formula?

We tweaked our scent for an even more delicious coconut fragrance – but we just recalibrated our notes. We did not add more coconut fragrance or oil.


Why did the first Coco Cabana fragrance have a buttery quality?

Our original fragrance was blended with a particular note that had a buttery quality that for some, could even smell a little like popcorn. We’ve removed that note and have added notes of tropical orchid and creamy sandalwood for heightened sophistication.


What are the fragrance notes in the new Coco Cabana Cream - top, mid and base? 

Our Coconut fragrance is complex, sophisticated and unexpected in the best way. Our top note of coconut cream is derived from young green coconuts – like the ones we love to drink in Brazil. Here are all our notes –

Top: Coconut Cream

Mid: Warm Vanilla, Tropical Orchid

Dry: Creamy Sandalwood, Toasted Praline


Already a Coco lover?

Thank you for checking out our new Coco Cabana Cream. We think you’ll love this one even more than the first!

New to Coco Cabana Cream all together?

Welcome! We hope you love the latest cream to our range of Brazilian beauty secrets!

Wasn’t a fan of the first Coco Cabana Cream? 

We hope you’ll give new Coco Cabana Cream a try! We heard your feedback and addressed your concerns. We always want to give you the absolute best in body love. Coco Cabana Cream is our moisturizing body cream, for bouncy, moisture-plush skin.

In Brazil, we love our skin incredibly soft and irresistibly touchable – always. Loving and treating our bodies just comes naturally, and this moisture-bursting cream pampers our skin deeply. Our Coco Cabana Cream is immersed in plush hydration to treat and transform even the driest, most dehydrated skin so that it’s amazingly smooth and deeply moisturized 

Our Coco Cabana Cream is wrapped in body-loving oils and whipped with our CocoSugar Blend to attract up to 72 hours of hydration so moisture benefits are both luscious and lasting. Benefits just get better and better with continued pampering.  

Scented with our Cheirosa ’39 fragrance – our deliciously complex coconut scent with Brazilian-inspired notes of coconut cream from young green coconuts, tropical orchid and toasted praline.


Beijos, SOL babes!

44 Responses


August 03, 2020

I like the original coco cabana scent better. There was nothing else like it. Please bring it back!


August 03, 2020

I also am a fan of the original more buttery scent! Please bring it back.


August 03, 2020

I am so glad that you all sent a small sample of the Copacabana cream. I absolutely love love love love love the bum bum cream and I’ve purchased every product that you have with that scent. I was getting ready to do the same with the Copacabana cream because once I love something I’ll buy everything in that product. Maybe it’s because I had used some bum bum shower gel and shampoo and conditioner right before or maybe it’s just because the product is nasty, but the Copacabana cream smells like someone walked around on Fritos all day long for years and never washed their feet and then wore socks and sweated in them profusely and wrung them out into a cheap lotion. It is purely the most disgusting thing I’ve ever smelled to the point that I’m going to have to go take another shower and reapply some bum bum cream just to get the stench off of me. I’m not exaggerating this is the worst smell ever! I literally can’t get this cream off of me fast enough, not only does it feel itchy but it smells itchy too. I don’t know who made the decision to go with this scent but they should definitely be fired!!! If you want to make sure that you don’t get called for a second date or you don’t want any attention from a male at all buy this cream as you’re definitely not going to get any play from a hot guy in this nasty crap!


August 03, 2020

I have a small bit of the original version left. I don’t want to use it up, so I just open it and smell it once in a while. I love the original scent and cannot stand the new scent. I enjoy your products but this is one I won’t buy again unless the old scent comes back. Isn’t it possible to sell both?


August 03, 2020

Any chance you can bring back “Coco Cabana Classic”? I was saving up for the big jar, but now I have to scrap it. This needed to be its own product with its own name. Lots of people loved it as it was and you had to figure that those people weren’t going to vibe with a sandalwood and orchid note. Just a note: would’ve been helpful if you’d tweaked the packaging as well so those of us looking for the original on eBay can tell whether we’re getting the good stuff or not.

Bonnie Lewandowski

July 09, 2020

Nooooooooo!! This new scent sucks. Please bring back the original. 😡

Deanie Daniel

June 18, 2020

I am totally disappointed in this “new” coco cabana cream. I did not know that it had been changed and was stocking up on it and bought one for my mom, she brought it to me and said I thought this was supposed to smell good you always get compliments everywhere you go…I took a whiff and thought that it was old or something but when I got on the website discovered you had changed the formula. So so disappointed!! This one actually stinks and I will never buy it again. Please bring back the old formula. Also you should have changed the name as it is nothing like the original to me.


June 18, 2020

Bring back the option for the original formulation! It was so much better than the new version! 😢😢😢


June 18, 2020

Please please please bring back the old scent. This was my only beauty product other than my face wash and foundation that I religiously bought, stood by and loved with all my heart.

Lacey Kimble

June 05, 2020

Omg what a disappointment!!! I was sooo in love with the original scent! It literally smelled like melted marshmallow soo good! Now it smells like a cheap imitation cream (nothing wrong with those but not paying 45 dollars for a cheap imitation scent) will not order again unless a change occurs. And WHY would u change it?!! Scents are a preference thing?! The original clearly had key notes that were listed …e.g. BUTTER PRALINE, vanilla, marshmellow, etc. If someone is not into those scents….dont buy it!! If they were looking for something tropical and coconut like then they didnt need to purchase this. Why would you change something sooo many people loved?? Now I have to go buy 2nd hand from ebay and try to find some of my beloved old version. Wont waste my money here again! I would have literally paid 100 a jar for the original. Such a disappointment


June 05, 2020

Love the original Coco Cabana formula. The fragrance literally lasted all day and it applied so smoothly and absorbed into the skin effortlessly. I loved the formula overall. I agree with previous comments that now its just your basic coconut smelling lotion. To me, I fell in love with it the moment I tried it and I attempted to order more and was disappointed when I count find the original formula. Please bring it back, maybe make it an option between formulas? I hope to fall in love with another product because this one (the original) was my favorite

Ana Romualdo

May 22, 2020

This is the first time I comment on a product, and what motivated me was my disappointment with this new scent. I was SO happy I finally had find the perfect body cream for me. I loved the scent, the best one I have ever tried, and it made me remember my childhood in Brazil. I was obsessed with that and started to count the days for a whole hair care line to be created with the same scent. Cococabana became a must in my life. Then, I ordered the myst and two more coco cabana at Sephora, and I was EXTREMELY disappointed to find out the scent had completely changed. It was perfect before, and now it is just a regular common cream with nothing special and besides that, the new scent goes way in a matter of seconds. Definately not buying again.


May 22, 2020

Wow, what a shame. Glad I didn’t buy the big one. I ran out of the old one and wanted to replace. Now I have a new container that smells gross. I don’t even want to use it. I feel like this is false advertising. You should have put “new formulation” on the packaging when you changed the product. What a way to damage your brand. Unless you bring back the old formulation some how, I doubt I will ever try one of your products again. I literally can’t believe you changed your product based on an instagram poll! Not all your customers use instagram. What a terrible way to conduct customer research. I never had a tingling problem and the smell of the original product was divine.


April 11, 2020

I absolutely LOVE the coco cabana cream more than any other lotion on the market! I just ran out and so I ordered a large jar since summer is on the way! I love just opening the jar and smelling it through out the day! When i received it I opened it up ready to satisfy my senses, and it’s different! Totally bummed! Not nearly as strong and sweet as before. I tried some on and it’s definitely not sticky like before so that’s good- even tho the stickiness would go away after a few minutes. After letting the lotion sit on my skin now I can smell the coconuty smell that I love. Just not as sweet but it still smells good. I really liked the old one. I wonder if sol de janeiro can formulate a new lotion that smells like coconut butter or something. Their products are so good I’d buy anything new that comes out from them.


March 30, 2020

I absolutely loved the old coco Cabana formula, I received so many compliments on it. Every time I wore it I couldn’t stop smelling my skin it was heavenly. I just recently ran out of my old jar and was ready to buy a replacement when I received a mini coco cabana in my boxy charm this month. I was excited and opened it up to be completely disappointed. The new sent is so extremely different it should not even have the same name. It is false advertisement to put the same name on a completely different product. I am very saddened by this change. Please consider putting the old formula up on the site, I absolutely know I can not be alone in this. If there is any left anywhere I would love to know, I need as much as I can get before it is long gone.

Carolina Santiago

March 25, 2020

I absolutely hated the original scent, and have recently tried the new one. I LOVE IT! It does feel creamier (am I crazy?), and I noticed the difference right away. I’m glad I gave it another try. Thank you 🙂


April 02, 2020

Please bring back the original coco cabana 😭

Elle fitzgerald

April 02, 2020

I received this in my boxycharm. It smelled really good and seemed really soft so I put it on my face and IT BURNS. my face is on fire as I type this. It feels and smells amazing but it’s painful. I’m disappointed.

Lisa DiGiorgio

April 02, 2020

I didn’t know the scent was reformulated and I’m so disappointed. I loved the original scent. This one smells weird, not really like coconut, just not good. Sadly I will not repurchase this. Is there anywhere I can get the original scent? If so, how can I be sure it’s before the reformulation? I’m hoping it ends up at tj maxx and I can buy many backups. So disappointed ☹️

Keesha Fisher

March 06, 2020

I really preferred the original scent and was really disappointed when I purchased the new formula. Can you please bring back the original? I was such a fan and received so many compliments whenever I wore it!

Patricia Pence

March 02, 2020

I was so incredibly disappointed when I opened my jar of the 240ml coco cabana cream and it smelled like funky coconut body odor. New reformulation, huh? I dont get to smell delicious and buttery now. Thought I had found my forever scent but now I have to keep looking :(

jamie copley

April 02, 2020

I received this in my ipsy bag not to long ago and the burning everyone is talking about is only right after a shower.. I take my shower at night so if I put it on in the morning it does not burn, but right after my shower when my pores are open my face is on fire for about a minute or 2 and then calms down. However my skin feels absolutely amazing when I put it on immediately after the shower and the fire feeling is over… lol… I will say this smells wonderful and recommend putting it on after shower and putting up with the burning sensation because it hydrates so much more than applying later..


February 18, 2020

Hi there, just went to the store and bought my third bottle of Coco Cabana, it smells completely different to the original one and to be honest, I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED and SAD at the same time. I really loved the scent of the original one. Please bring back the original one, or at least offer 2 options for the old formula and the new formula. I’m sure a lot of us customers are wanting the old formula back!!! Please consider!


February 18, 2020

I am very disappointed about the new formulation. I absolutely LOVE the original scent. I gave away my bottle to a friend because she loved it so much, thinking that I could purchase another one. It was such a let down that I came to store and found it was reformulated. :( Could you please direct me and many others to where I can purchase the old scent? Is it possible that you could release the original formula under a different name so that we have a choice?

juliana auten

January 14, 2020

I dont have sensitive skin and I’m still experiencing tingling for the first minute after application. I got mine via ipsy and love the smell and the way my face feels instantly hydrated

Rachel Sloan

December 03, 2019

I ABSOLUTELY Love this lotion! So HAPPY to be apart of your team!!


November 19, 2019

Very sad about the change. The whole point of something Coco Cabana is about the coconut, about a natural smell. The fragrance that has been added is exactly that, fragrance. It changed something that went from not only my favorite product and a smell that anybody around me immediately asked what that is and immediately bought it, to now just another flowery fragrance on the market.
It’s also disappointing that something so natural smelling changed and for somebody that has allergies and asthma is immediately a no go.
As many of my friends have fallen in love with this, the multiple large Coco Cabana i bought for Christmas gifts are now nothing like the product they fell in love with. Understandable, but disappointing to now be more floral than coconut.


November 19, 2019

My favorite smell is bumbum but my kids love the Coco smell


November 12, 2019

I loved the original Coco Cabana scent! I have very dry, sensitive skin and environmental allergies so am careful trying new products. Usually powerful scents are not user friendly for me, but, oh my goodness, that Coco was a deliciously sensual experience to smooth on my skin with it’s natural smell! I was ecstatic! I even put it on subscription, which I NEVER have done with any product before. Then…I received the new scent. 😒 So disappointed! This smell is a definite deal breaker! I miss the luscious buttery coconut scent and the sandalwood irritates my senses. My husband doesn’t care for it either, said “it diesnt smell as good as the other one”. So sad for someone like me that hasn’t previously been able to use scented products. It’s too bad the majority of responders to the survey were the ones that wanted the scent to change, while the majority of happy campers were silent. I wish I’d known about the survey, not that one person’s comments can make a big difference but at least I could’ve posted how much I loved the original.

Tiana Holiday

November 12, 2019

I’m excited to try the new formula. I love the Bum Bum cream so much

Julie Pampalona

November 22, 2019

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE ORIGINAL COCO CABANA! I do not like the new formula with the tropical orchid scent added. Is there any of old stock available for those of us that love the original COCO CABANA? Please reply as I am a devoted Coco Cabana lover! I first tried the Bum Bum cream. There is something in the Bum Bum blend that made me break out in hives everywhere I applied the cream. I did however, love the scent. Thank you in advance!!

India Coers

October 21, 2019

I can’t wait to try the new and improved bum bum cream!!!❤️


October 21, 2019

Iam obssesed about coco cabana cream. I got it vía boxycharm and fell in love 💙 and now I sign up in this page to buy more Coco Cream and others products 😊 It gets my Skin fully hydrated and the delicious fragance makes me feel sexy and gets my boyfriend wild. Love it!

Kara Diaz-Gonzalez

October 14, 2019

I personally loved the original smell!!! So did so many friends and my daughters that I bought them all one as gifts! The “new and improved” doesn’t have tgat strong, buttery scent anymore 😞 so you can’t smell it for long like we use too and others can’t smell on ursrlf anymore either😞 So if there’s any original left anywhere please 🙏 LET NE KNOW!!!!!!

Deolinda White

October 10, 2019

I think the smell needs to be a bit more stronger, you can smell the coconut but enough.

Courtney Luck-Shadwell

October 10, 2019

Absolutely love this scent!! Drives my husband wild!!


October 07, 2019

This smells wonderful. It is exactly the fresh scent I was looking for.

Jan M

October 07, 2019

Love the scent and the cream! It’s my go-to!


October 04, 2019

So glad that I’m not the only person that thought it smelled like butter! I was beginning to think I was crazy because every time I used it I felt like I was walking around smelling like a huge bucket of movie theater buttered popcorn! Not that that was a bad thing :-) but I’m anxious to try the new formula!


October 03, 2019

Absolutely LOVE that the company is so great about customer feedback! Keep on making great stuff and we’ll keep on buying!!

Jennifer Hamilton

September 30, 2019

I simply adore this cream! I love the scent and the texture! My new fave for sure!


September 30, 2019

This is amazingly smooth & creamy & the scent is wonderful! 💝. Just call me obsessed!


September 27, 2019

Can’t wait to try this product. Absolutely in love with the Bum Bum scent!!!


September 23, 2019

I absolutely love this lotion. I just ordered a jar after getting a sample in my Ipsy bag. My skin feels amazing when I use this lotion.

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