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Summer body all year round? YES PLEASE!

by Sol de Janeiro Team January 26, 2017

Summer body all year round? YES PLEASE!

What brought you to New York City?

I originally came to NYC to attend college at NYU. In the end I wound up falling head over heels, so I stayed!

What is your go-to fitness routine in the Winter and how do you stay motivated on those freezing New York City days?

I tend to work out from home as I'm not a big gym person. My go-to workout is usually 10 minutes of jumping rope in the morning, or a 1-hr Vinyasa yoga dvd. Lately though, since my boyfriend is a personal trainer, I've been working on incorporating more weight training into my routine along with a super fun group class he teaches twice a week called the Axle Workout.

themarcystop sol de janeiro

How do you balance your career, passion for blogging, relationship and everything else in your life like a flawless Superwoman?

It's all about making time for what's important to you. If you love it and it's worth it to you, you'll find a chance to incorporate it into your life. That and I'm SUPER organized. Like, maybe a little OCD.

Blogger Confessions

Name: Lauren Gould

Occupation: Art Director/ Content Strategist/ Blogger

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Instagram handle: @themarcystop


themarcystop sol de janeiro

1. What are 5 songs from your current playlist?

2. Truth or Dare? Dare

3. Best kiss you have ever had?I never kiss and tell.

4. Favorite city you have ever traveled to? Paris is always my number one.

5. What is your ultimate beauty secret? Primer everyday & Queen Helene's Mint Julep face mask when I need a boost.

6. What is your favorite food? Vietnamese anything.

7. What is your go-to cocktail and who would you want to share it with? A Penicillin, late night at Dram, with my boyfriend.

8. Describe your style in 2 words. Bi Polar. Though I guess that's actually one word.

9. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Do more of what makes you happy.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Frozen dumplings.

themarcystop sol de janeiro

11. What is your favorite Sol de Janeiro product you cannot live without? The new Acai power cream! It's so moisturizing on my winter skin and not greasy at all.

Workout Set from @official_minkpink

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