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The literal translation of Sol de Janeiro is Sun of January.  It’s a play on words that combines the name of the city that inspires us, Rio de Janeiro, and the beautiful sun that shines on its beaches. Rio de Janeiro’s endless beaches, rich rainforests and beautiful bodies serve as the inspiration for Brazilian Beauty Secrets and the Brazilian attitude of confidence and playing up your best assets. Our mission is to share this beauty attitude with the World.

We are the definitive authority in Brazilian Sexy! In Brazil, we believe you’re as beautiful as you feel. We think beauty isn’t a universal standard to reach, but an attitude to take. It’s about radiating a confidence that comes from playing up our best assets. It’s an attention to smooth, glistening and touchable skin. Our brand of beauty is more of a head-to-toe sensuality that comes through in a warm smile, a saunter, a samba. We’ve captured the spirit and beauty secrets of Brazil in a regimen of the finest quality products. All infused with nutrient-rich ingredients from the Amazon.

Our products are made in the US with the finest ingredients, including those that are indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

When you buy a Sol de Janeiro product, we are proud to ensure the highest levels of safety, efficacy and aesthetics.  We use a blend of natural Amazonian raw ingredients for potent efficacy, ECOCERT certified emulsions for superior texture and the finest fragrances by a top French fragrance house.  This blend of synthetics bolsters the efficacy of the natural components and freshness of our products.  All of our products are formulated without phthalates, parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, synthetic colors, PEGs and petrolatum.

We believe that all skincare formulations should offer a cocktail of benefits for the skin: nourish, hydrate, moisturize and provide plenty of anti-oxidants.  Therefore, all of our products are formulated with three core ingredients:

- Cupuaçu Butter  was discovered by Amazonian tribal women as the wonder remedy for dry and damaged skin. The Amazon’s answer to shea butter, it is chock full of fatty-acids, phytosterols and polyphenols which are powerful ingredients that lock in moisture and help restore skin’s elasticity.

- Acaí  was the potent berry known to have saved Chief Itaki’s prosperous Amazonian tribe from malnourishment, so he named it after his daughter. Açaí, is an antioxidant powerhouse packed into one super fruit that helps keep skin young.

- Coconut Oil  is all the rage now, but Brazilians have been enjoying their ample supply for centuries. Coconut Oil melts easily into your skin to soften, condition and moisturize.With the above base, each product is infused with additional ingredients that are specific to each product

We would never dream of it! We are cruelty-free. We have an adorable little office mascot named Sete and we would never test on her or any of her friends! (Check her out on our instagram). We only test our products on ourselves.

No, we do not test our raw ingredients on animals.

No, we test our products on our (human) selves and stand behind all of our ingredients.

No, none of our raw material suppliers test on animals. We hold certificates from each of our raw ingredients suppliers verifying that they do not test on animals, which we use for product registration purposes.

All of our products are vegan with the exception of our Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter as it contains beeswax.

All of our products are gluten free. However, they are made in the same manufacturer were other products that are not gluten free are made.

We asked our product manufacturer and they said: “We sanitize for every batch. The sanitization is validated to clean certain active ingredient residues for over the counter drug manufacturing and insures that the equipment is bacteria free. Its not validated for gluten sanitization and the raw materials we manufacture from other vendors may be manufactured on equipment used to manufacture gluten containing products as well. Our sanitization is effective but it’s not meant to address people with celiac disease or make any representations to such people with these conditions. Such people use the products at their own risk.”

There are so many delicious Brazilian dishes to choose from! Our favourites would have to be an Açai bowl or some Pão de Queijo (small Brazilian baked cheese rolls).

The Bum Bum, (or as you probably call it; the bottom, the butt, or la derrière) it’s pronounced as Boom Boom in Brazil and it’s a nationwide obsession. That’s why we have the smallest bikinis in the world, and the best fitting jeans. In Brazil, it’s all about the Bum Bum.


Bum Bum (pronounced boom-boom) is a cute Brazilian slang that refers to a person’s bottom.  All Brazilians love a beautiful Bum Bum.  We love to show ours off and have others admire it.  That’s why our bikinis are so small and our jeans are fabulous!

No, you can use it as a total body cream. Our original vision for this product was, in fact, for it to be a cream to care for your bottom, Brazilians’ favorite body part!  We developed a formula using only the best ingredients available: guaraná to tighten, cupuaçu butter to moisturize, coconut oil to nourish, açaí to fight free radicals, and a drop of shimmer to visibly achieve an immediate smoothing effect.  The final result felt so luxurious, smelled so good and melted into the skin so easily that we couldn’t resist using it all over our body.  We realized that if it’s good enough for the bum bum, it’s good enough for the entire the body.

Wow you must really enjoy the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream! We love that! Please keep in mind that this product was specifically created as a body moisturiser, meaning we did not test it for use on the face. Facial skin tends to be more sensitive to active ingredients, so products that don’t irritate your skin normally could cause irritation when applied to your face. We think it’s a good idea to patch test prior to using! However, we’ve heard that some clients really enjoyed using it on their face! If you have any further concerns we recommend asking your doctor! (They went to all those fancy Medical schools, they’ve got to know something right?)

The fragrance is Pistachio Caramelo, a wonderfully rich fragrance that will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long! Our customers seem to be particularly pleased with the admiring comments they receive when wearing our Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

Guananá, the key ingredient in this product, is known to temporarily tighten and lift the skin.  The subtle shimmering effect, reflects light on the skin providing an immediate look of smooth, healthy skin.  While this product will not remove cellulite, it will leave your skin feeling tight and looking smooth immediately and over time.


Wow you must really enjoy the Açaí Body Power Cream! We love that! Please keep in mind that this product was specifically created as a body moisturiser, meaning we did not test it for use on the face. Facial skin tends to be more sensitive to active ingredients, so products that don’t irritate your skin normally could cause irritation when applied to your face. We think it’s a good idea to patch test prior to using! However, we’ve heard that some clients really enjoyed using it on their face! If you have any further concerns we recommend asking your doctor! (They went to all those fancy Medical schools, they’ve got to know something right?)


We make all of our fragrances out of an expertly balanced mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. We do this to ensure the best result for you, our customer!

Good question! There are no nuts in our fragrance. Feel free to use our products.


Our goal was to find an easy, fast and convenient way to care for your fee:

- Step 1 Removing dry, rough skin is the first step.  We developed the Foot Smoothing Board to be used on dry feet so that you don’t need to spend extra time soaking your feet. Simple, quick and mess-free Foot Smoothing Board perfectly prepares your feet for Step 2.

- Step 2 Massage our Samba Foot Fetish Foot Cream into your feet to keep your feet soft and moisturized.

Don’t skip either step. Both steps of the Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care are equally important to achieving soft, kissable feet.

It was our goal to create an easy- to- use foot care system that people could quickly use and then immediately put on their shoes and go! The Samba 2-step system is perfect to quickly buff away dry skin and then soften feet with a fast absorbing, non-slip formula.  There is no need, as with most foot care creams, to put on thick gym socks and stay in bed with your greasy feet. We tracked many miles testing in our high heels. With Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care you’re ready to apply and then dance with even your highest heels.

In Brazil, everyone has a foot fetish – men and women.  Having beautiful feet is an important beauty secret and part of everyone’s routine.  Whether you’re wearing running sneakers, stilettos, flip flops or snuggling up in bed, feet must feel soft and smooth.

The fresh and natural fragrance is Açaí.  It’s so energetic, that it gives you an extra spring to your step!


Who doesn’t love the look of golden, sun-kissed peach fuzz against the skin?  Perhaps it’s because it reminds us of long sunny, summer vacations during our younger days.  The transformation of hair on the body into a golden veil looks beautiful, natural and feminine, and Brazilians love this!  It’s not about being bare, it’s about natural beauty.

Yes, we do it all in Brazil! But we don’t remove everything. It’s common to see a golden veil on beautiful Brazilian women’s arms, tummy, lower back and thighs. If the hair has a peach fuzz texture, we keep it and turn it golden. A Brazilian golden body veil is beautiful, feminine and sensuous; adding a lovely luster to skin.

You can use this product anywhere. It’s gentle enough for the face and strong enough to use on legs, tummy, arms and back. For first time users, please test on a patch of skin before using it in a larger area. For external use only. Do not use if pregnant.

You can achieve your golden goddess look in 5 easy steps:
-Mix equal parts of Lightener and Accelerator
-Using the applicator, coat generously and cover hair well
-Leave on for 5-15 minutes
-Wash off with cold / warm water
-Apply Rainforest Relief Hydrator Cream as the finishing touch

For sure, our product is gentle enough to lighten facial hair. The most common areas targeted by our users to keep peach fuzz soft and golden on your face include :brows, sideburn area and the  upper lip. Our Lightener and Accelerator are formulated with gentle and nourishing Amazonian care ingredients: Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil—all great for skin.

Everyone’s hair type is different and grows at different rates, so the answers will vary for each one of you. It depends mostly on the area lightened. Hair on the face usually grows slower than hair on the body. Hair on the tummy and lower back grow slower than hair on the arms and legs. Typically, many customers will see regrowth after 2 weeks while others may notice after longer periods.

Most users do not feel any sensation – but everyone is different.

We recommend doing a patch test on a small area of your skin first to see how your skin reacts. Please patch test every new batch you receive.

Some people may feel tingling or itching, which is caused as a result of the hydrogen peroxide coming in contact with oxygen. (You may even notice that the product bubbles and swells a bit, no need to worry.)

If you do feel any discomfort while the product is on your skin, you can take the applicator and gently smooth over the area (without removing the product) and that will provide some relief.

Our Lightener and Accelerator are formulated with gentle Amazonian skin care ingredients: Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil.

Always apply our Rainforest Relief and it will instantly sooth and hydrate.

Some users will experience temporary redness or lightening of the skin where the product was applied. Please be assured that this is temporary and, for most people, this will go away in 10 – 20 minutes. For some, it may take as long as 24 hours, so plan accordingly. Again – since everyone’s skin is different, please do a patch test first.

Where do we begin? For starters, we make it our priority to use only the highest quality ingredients in all of our Sol de Janeiro products. Lightener, Accelerator and Rainforest Relief Instantly Soothing Hydrator are formulated with only the finest natural Amazonian care ingredients, including Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil. We’ve also developed the easiest, most foolproof formula ever, with both Acclerator and Lightener in the same luxurious cream texture (vs. messy awful powder).  Just mix equal parts of the white bottle (Lightener) and the yellow bottle (Accelerator) —and voila, you’re done. Feel free to add more product if needed while you’re applying. It’s really a no-brainer.

We’ve designed the perfect set of long-lasting tools to mix, apply and remove our lightening mixture: a proprietary mixing dish & silicone applicator. The mixing dish is roomy and high, for spill-free mixing. Products fit right in the dish for easy storage. The applicator is made with pharmaceutical grade silicone, and the edges are oh-so soft and gentle against skin. The triangle shaped applicator is designed to cover all of you. The tip for targeted applications like face, fingers and toes, the medium-sized edge for neck, hands, and arms. And the longest edge is perfect for larger areas like thighs, tummy and lower back. When you’re ready to remove the product, neatly scrape mixture off, and simply rinse away. Wash and dry tools thoroughly after each use as they’re built to last. Our Lightener & Accelerator, and Rainforest Relief are sold separately as replenishments, so there is no need to repurchase tools.

It is best to use the Golden Body Veil BEFORE using any self tanning product as the product will remove the artificial tan from your skin. Self tanners should not tint the peach fuzz on your body (if it does, it will wash out in the shower). It sounds like you’re ready to turn into a Brazilian Golden Goddess! You’ve got it girl!

Absolutely! When tans fade, skin lightens and hair darkens without the sun. The hair on your body can becomes a lot more noticeable. Winter is a great time to use the Brazilian Golden Body Veil and maintain your inner golden goddess.

Firstly, congratulations!!

Pregnant Brazilian Beauty Goddesses: We do not recommend the use of the Golden Body Veil while you are pregnant.

Breastfeeding Brazilian Beauty Goddesses: We would never want anything harmful to happen to you or your little bundle of joy so we recommend asking your doctor before using the Brazilian Golden Body Veil while breastfeeding.


Thank you so much for wanting to purchase Sol de Janeiro in Canada!

You can get your hands on our Brazilian beauty secrets at Sephora Canada.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide Golden Body Veil at Sephora CA. However, because we know you need to get your hands on that amazing hair lightener we’ve partnered with an amazing e-tailer, b-glowing.com. They will ship it to you no problem!

None of our products are available for sale in China, and we do not currently have plans to sell Sol de Janeiro in China in the future.

Of course we do. Please allow an extra 7-10 business days for orders to Hawaii and Alaska, and 2-4 weeks for orders to Puerto Rico.

Thank you for wanting to purchase Sol de Janeiro from overseas!

We love that our Brazilian beauty secrets are going global!

While our website doesn’t ship internationally yet we know you need to get your hands on these amazing Brazilian beauty secrets so we’ve partnered with some amazing e-tailers:


Cult Beauty

Niche Beauty


They ship worldwide so shipping to your home will be no problem!

You can review their international shipping options here:

B-glowing: http://www.b-glowing.com/international-shipping/

Cult Beauty: https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/returns-shipping#shipping

Niche Beauty: https://www.niche-beauty.com/en/help/shipping-costs.html

Selfridges: http://www.selfridges.com/US/en/content/dispatch-and-delivery#international-delivery

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