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Step into Our Fragrance Wardrobe

September 23, 2020

Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist, Coco Cabana Body Fragrance Mist, Cheirosa ’71 Body Fragrance Mist

We love fragrance and body mists. There’s so much to love. Smelling amazing is obviously high up on the list but fragrance is so much more and has a magical way of weaving joy – and yes, Body Joy – into your life.

As an invisible pleasure, fragrance can be a style statement, a mood maker and an easy way to enhance your vibe and unique beauty on any given day.  That start-of-the-day spritz can make all the difference. So, considering all that fragrance can do for us, the question becomes, which fragrance is right for me?

 The answer is, life is all about multiple choices – and yes – endless pleasures.

While years ago it used to be a thing to have a signature scent, the playing field is just too vast and tempting now with gorgeous choices – and we want to play. We love to experiment and explore because we know that one fragrance won’t necessarily do it all. Doing a little scent rotation just makes sense.  In the world of perfumery, we call this fragrance wardrobing. Just like it sounds, it’s all about having a wardrobe (collection) of fragrances to choose from. Same idea as having those 5 pairs of killer jeans hanging in your closet.

Just like Body Joy, there are no rules, so mix and spritz to your heart’s content. Of course, in Brazil we know all about this. Being cheirosa (which means you smell incredibly amazing), is a way of life. We wear fragrance and love to surround ourselves with fragrance. This full immersion of pleasure, positivity and beauty is so Brazilian. No surprise to learn that Brazilians purchase more fragrance than anyone else in world, following the U.S, and three times as much as the French.

So, as we embrace our love of so many beautiful possibilities, we’re thrilled to introduce a new addition to our Sol de Janeiro fragrance wardrobe of Hair + Body Mists.



Introducing, Cheirosa ’71 – warm, welcoming and voluptuous, this fragrance is like a delicious embrace. The one you can cozy right up to (perfect timing for Fall). With notes of caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nut and tonka bean, you can’t miss the warm sensuality this scent exudes and wraps you in. A true gourmand fragrance - like all our scents – this serves up a whole new fragrance delicacy – so get ready to meet your next craving.

Why the ’71? Well, we choose these numbers to represent a gorgeous moment in Brazilian history and culture. Cheirosa ’71 is inspired by a pretty amazing Body Joy moment.

Our muse is the iconic Brazilian actress Leila Diniz. In 1971, Leila was the first pregnant woman to wear a bikini on the beaches of Rio. At 8 months pregnant, Leila’s life-embracing happiness, confidence, and sheer bliss radiated for all to see and admire. A pioneer of Body Joy, Leila’s warmth and self-assured spirit are captured in Cheriosa ’71.


Now, for a look at our fragrance wardrobe and a quick recap of our inspo for each, in case you’re curious.



Cheirosa ’62 (Brazilian Crush)– Our iconic and forever obsessed-about Brazilian Bum Bum Cream scent is beloved in this all-over mist. Sunny and delicious with the most addictive notes of salted caramel, pistachio and vanilla, this is a must for your scent rotation.

The year 1962? You could say this was a peak year for Brazilian culture when the world met the Girl from Ipanema (we encourage you to Spotify the Antonio Carlos Jobim song everybody was  humming in 1962). Capturing Brazilian beach culture, that forever-summer vibe and bossa nova, we’re thrilled that our now iconic scent honors this iconic year so beautifully. 



Cheirosa ‘39 – Our passion for coconut is front and center in this truly mouthwatering scent – but this is not your typical coconut scent. Ours is sophisticated, complex and a little unexpected with notes of young green coconuts, toasted praline and tropical orchid. Lusciously layered and irresistibly tempting, you’ll understand when you experience it.

Our inspiration? The Brazilian sensation turned international star from the 1930s-1950s, Carmen Miranda. A symbol of Hollywood’s golden age, Carmen ushered in Brazil’s own golden age, shining a spotlight on Brazilian music, dance and culture. 1939 marks the year that Carmen first appeared in what would become her signature fruit hat, to the delight of the world. Cheirosa ’39 marks that iconic moment.


Remember when you’re enjoying your fragrance wardrobe, there are lots of ways to be cheirosa – scent from head to toe, scent your hair, your linens and your space for the most authentic fragrance experience from Brazil. Breathe in. Enjoy. 

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