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Journaling Tips for Quarantine: How To Celebrate Your Body Joy

May 25, 2020

SAY IT. LIVE IT. WRITE IT. (Journaling brings your feelings to light) Let us help you find the words!


Positive thinking goes hand in hand with positive actions. That’s why things like meditation, daily affirmations and self journaling have such a big impact on our thinking and perspective – and help us live our best life. 

Now that we've been in quarantine, we've been given a lot of time to reflect, and just be with ourselves. Some of us have been experiencing changes in our bodies since staying at home too, so what better time than the present to put the two together and show some well-deserved appreciation for our bodies!

We love to talk about Body Joy here at Sol de Janeiro. It’s our mission in life to share this with you and inspire this in you. Body Joy means loving, celebrating and taking care of your body. It’s about appreciating your unique and amazing beauty and doing what feels good to you. So, let’s do away with that critical eye when we look in the mirror and let’s start looking at ourselves through a new lens of love.

Self journaling is a great way to encourage this kind of thinking and action. But where to start?

First, let’s take the guesswork out of it – and any intimidation factors. Self journaling is just your way of expressing and collecting your thoughts any way that feels natural to you. Your words, ideas, observations or goals.  It can be free-flowing, or it can be more structured. You can do it on your phone, or for some old school flair treat yourself to a pretty little journal book that’s special and all your own. You’re the subject! 

The idea is to get thinking and writing. Let’s write about our bodies, maybe even write a love letter to your body. Think of all the things you love and appreciate your body.

Here are some idea starters: 

Dear Body, 

I love all the places you take me.

I love that I can depend on you.

I love how strong you are. 

I love waking up with you every day!


Also, pay attention to what’s extra special about your body – cute feet, nice shoulders, smooth tummy. Don’t forget to feel love for those love handles, too – and stretch marks (most humans have them!).

Here's a template of our Body Joy love letter - share yours on Instagram and tag us @soldejaneiro - we LOVE seeing them!


Dear ______, You're really ______. Thank you for ______. Your so ______. You make me feel ______. Love, ______

Self journaling isn’t homework, but it is a good way to focus on real observations and bring important feelings to light. This can inspire greater Body Joy. Self journaling is an awesome way to start the day and set the tone for gratitude and self-awareness.  You can also do it at bedtime as a way of ending the day and reflecting on and appreciating everything you did and experienced with your body that day.


Remember - you’re unique, you’re beautiful, and your capacity for Body Joy is limitless!


6 Responses

Sarah Wells

June 29, 2020

This brand is amazing. I love the lotion it is perfect for my skin type.smells amazing and it lasts all day

Dina davis

June 05, 2020

Hi my name is Dina Davis and I’m interested in your brand new product and I wanted to know that do you have a fantastic fanclub and I like too get your perfume and you could email and I wanted to make a Journey and my birthday is coming up

Kayla Caudill

June 04, 2020

I love Sol de Janeiro so much! It’s my favorite brand I’ve ever found so far! I love it al so much and I love slathering my body in bum bum cream ! Thank you for making me smell amazing and feel great ❤️

Maria Martinez

June 05, 2020

After giving birth to my first baby my body and I went through so much change. I use to constantly tell my self that I was way to big for a petite woman. I had to learn how to love myself all over again and it was not easy! Now every time I wear the bum bum cream I feel so confident walking around. So thank you for helping me through this journey.

Toni Teller

June 05, 2020

Dear body,
First of all I would love to thank you, yes we been through a lot. Being born with a rare birth defect and under going 20 years of surgery is rough but somehow you remained brave and fearless and got me through it. Your beautiful and elegant. Yes body I know all the bullying and negativity was rough and made you feel ugly but rest assured you are a true work of art beautiful from the inside out. Thank you for holding it all together and being the baddest body you can be. Im in love with ever inch, every freckle, and especially every scar.
All my love Toni

Sylvia Brosien

June 05, 2020

Yes I enjoy dance on the beach salsa cha cha
The sun is healing and it makes you happy

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