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Making Home Better with SOL

by Beatriz Zimmermann April 07, 2020

Making Home Better with SOL

Feel at Home

Home is a haven now more than ever, so as we settle in and take a deep breath, let’s make our home cozier, brighter, and more inspiring than ever.


Let’s start with that positive vibe we all want right now!

Declutter– Kudos to Marie Kondo for cueing us to the thrill of purging and tidying up. This really does clear the way for what matters, not to mention gives us a little bit more space – which sounds good right now.


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Natural light – Let the sun in! We’re pretty fond of this tip ourselves. There’s nothing like a little sunshine to brighten our spirits – so raise the shades and draw those curtains. Nothing sets a mood faster than the light we’re living in. 

Change the scenery – This could be as easy as rearranging a chair or two, moving your desk to face a better view, or just swapping out your shower curtain. Little tweaks offer an instant boost to your surroundings. 

Got plants? Lucky you. Get your green thumb going with some extra love and attention now that you’re spending more time together. Springtime is also prime time for replanting or repotting, so, go for it. Yes, it’s spring out there. And that’s worth celebrating.


And now some Tips to SOLify Your Home –

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Scent! Another instant mood maker. Scent triggers our emotions and inspires feel good feelings so scent your space (and yourself) with fragrances that conjure what you love. Our Brazilian Crush Mist is brilliant for misting your space, sheets, linens, lingerie. This is actually very Brazilian – very cheirosa. Cheirosa means to smell incredibly delicious and amazing.  It’s a way of life and a way of loving life in Brazil. We need this right now.

Serious about Scent? Perfect timing. We’ve just debuted our long-awaited Eau de Parfum. SOL Cheirosa ’62 arrives just in time to transport you to the shimmery, golden beaches of Rio. This is our iconic and obsessed about Brazilian Bum Bum Cream scent at its most luxurious. No passport required! 


Some Light with Your Scent – Candles conjures instant cozy and comfort. Our Cheirosa ’62 candle brings an amazing glow to your home. This candle is drenchedin sunshine and absolutely brimming with Brazil. Sigh….


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 Brighten Your Bath! Apart from the fact that our signature yellow fits the bill for instant color therapy - yellow is known to energize, enhance concentration and alleviate depression. Google it!  Our bath treats are meant to smell good, feel good and, yes, look good in your bath. So many choices here – our fan fave Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel, the iconic Brazilian Bum Bum Cream for a buttery soft-shimmer treat. 


Taking care of mind and body means more than ever. We’re on this journey together and we’re here for you. Just bringing a little bit of sunshine into your life means everything to us.

3 Responses

TaniA Hakki

April 11, 2020

Would realllly love diffusers with the signature scent and I think people who want the smell in the house but don’t like candles will love it too!


April 11, 2020

What happened to the Sol bath bomb?
That was my favorite bath bomb! The color and scent were amazing!


April 11, 2020

These are great ideas. I love burning candles in my house to make it more pleasing. I hadn’t thought about using the body mist, but going to try that.

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