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What 2021 Will Look Like Based on Your Underwear

by Sharon Kim December 31, 2020

back side of women in swimwear

December 31st. The day that once felt lightyears away is finally here. Can you believe 2021 is just  ONE sleep away?
Neither can we.

Sure, this year we won't be weaving our way around a packed bar or counting down the seconds with strangers we just met at a friend's-coworker's-cousin's-apartment party, but we'll still find a way to get those warm and fuzzy feelings of anticipation tonight for the new year. Just as we look forward to watching the iconic ball drop in Times Square and ringing in the new year with a sweet beijo at midnight, we seek joy through the fun (and sometimes nostalgic) traditions tied to holidays.

In Brazil, we have New Year's Eve traditions that are unique and just as cheeky... if not, more! Since 2020 was a year full of new adaptations to our daily lives anyway, this is just one more fun opportunity to incorporate a new Brazilian tradition tonight as you celebrate.

Some popular Brazilian New Year's Eve traditions include putting a bay leaf in your wallet, eating lentils, and running into the ocean at midnight (can't get more Rio than that, right?).  Although some traditions vary by region, the one trend that all Brazilians participate in is wearing a white outfit and colorful underwear underneath!
(Remember, if you ever find yourself lucky enough to celebrate NYE on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, this also doubles as the world's largest wet t-shirt party, if you know what we mean *wink wink* - those cute undies + bum bum are meant to be flaunted and shown off!)

Wearing white is symbolic of peace and prosperity, but the colorful underwear signifies what you specifically want to bring in to the new year, so choose your color carefully!

Here are what each of the colors symbolize:

White - Peace
Blue - Friendship
Yellow - Joy (bonus points if it's in our signature Sol yellow!)
Pink - Love
Red - Passion
Orange - Success
Green - Luck
Purple - Inspiration

If there's anything we learned in 2020, it's that all bets are off. Why limit the celebrations to singing Auld Lang Syne when we can add a little bit of Brazilian *spice* and wear some cute-ass underwear while we're at it?

So, spill your new year's wishes with us and tell us... what color underwear will be on YOUR bum bum tonight?

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