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We’re Pulling Up. #PullUpOrShutUp - Sol de Janeiro

June 06, 2020


Sol de Janeiro is led by our 3 founders, who come from three diverse cultures: Korea, USA, and Brazil.  As a brand that is rooted in the culture of Brazil – one of the most diverse countries in the world - inclusivity has always been at the heart of our brand experience. We strongly believe that diversity is the very essence of what is beautiful.

Unlike long-established brands and full scale corporations, ours is a small private company that is quickly growing and just shedding its start-up status. As a minority female CEO led company, we are focused on making diversity a focal point as we expand our team to accommodate this rapid growth. As we do so, we will work hard on fostering a truly diverse team to fully reflect our company culture and policies.

Our full-time employee diversity profile is as follows:

10% Black or African American
15% Hispanic or Latin
21% Asian
52% White
2% Other

With the recently established SOL Inclusivity Group within the company, we are continually making an effort to build a more inclusive workforce. We recognize that we must do more to ensure that our team brings all the voices of our community to the table. 

These are the changes we’re making today.

  • We will work more frequently with recruiters to make sure we are seeing a diverse range of candidates for open roles. 
  • We will clearly communicate in our hiring process that diverse experiences and cultures are welcome & encouraged.
  • We will continue to provide training and resources for success and expansion into leadership roles for minority employees.
  • We will continue to provide paid internship opportunities to diverse groups of students.
  • Our team is committed to mentorship within our community for future generations of minority and under-resourced students.
  • We are matching donations from our team to community organizations.

9 Responses


July 09, 2020

Wow!! This is so beautiful and this is why you have such loyal customers. So uplifting and kind. I love this company and the products! This is what kindness and equality looks like keep on doing the great job you are all doing!


June 29, 2020

I love that you are transparent with your customers. I also think it’s inspiring to our younger generation to have all women CEOs and a mix of cultures. It’s sad that race is still an issue in 2020 but thank you for helping break down the barriers of racism and sexism!


June 29, 2020

Team Sol your amazing!!!


June 29, 2020

Transparency is key. Thank you for taking the first steps to foster a diverse workforce.

Debra A. Daniels

June 29, 2020

As a highly knowledgeable African American, I very well know that throughout Brazil there’s very serious racism against naturally brown to very dark skinned Brazilians of direct African descent. Therefore, I have to question and also say that your company’s apparent and stark disparity of only 10% African or African American employees vs 52% white and 21% Asian speaks extremely obvious, loud, clear, and pathetic on its own regarding what really happens to be your company’s true commitment to very low numbers of Black Race employees pertaining to “diversity”. Black Lives Matter!

Denise V

June 18, 2020

Thank you !!


June 18, 2020

Already a huge fan of your products, but you have just won a loyal customer for life. Thank you!

Joselina Ramos

June 18, 2020

This is why I love this company so much. The love and respect shows through your brand and statements. Your transparency is seen and appreciated. I would love to join your team!


June 18, 2020

I want to thank you for all you are doing in the battle for acceptance & diversity in the world my friends. I come from a mixed race family & yes we have had petrol through our letter box & yes my mother at 8 months pregnant had feces thrown at her for being married to an Asian/African man, yes we were called all the names under the sun for being bi-racial & you know what, it made me who I am today, a strong woman who as recently as today Saturday 6th of June 2020 had to defend herself against racism (my husband was there fighting my corner!)
My battle will never stop & I thank you for being there with us, it means so much! Stay safe. 🙏❤️

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