The Time is NOW! #blacklivesmatter - Sol de Janeiro

As a brand that celebrates diversity and the beauty and power of diversity every single day, we are heartbroken and devasted by the events in Minneapolis and the continued acts of aggression by those who are called upon to protect and uphold our laws.

 Our deep love and respect for every body goes hand in hand with our commitment to support our Black, Indigenous and People of Color brothers and sisters. This means speaking up and standing up for the greatest truth – there is no justice when injustice exists within our community, and our world. 

We stand against racism in all forms. 

We stand for Equality. Dignity. Justice. 
For all. 

We do so through our words and our actions. 

Today we are raising our voices louder – for all to hear.  And we are taking swift action because as a company, we recognize that our heartbreak and outrage are not enough.

Today we have donated $30K across Campaign Zero, Black Visions Collective, and Reclaim the Block, and we are working to do more. 

We urge our SOL Community to step in and step up. Join us.
Every single action counts. 

Stay informed.
Stay strong.
Lift each other.
Hear each other.
Do for each other.
Call your elected leaders. 
Show up to vote. 
Donate to help. 
Be an ally to the Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities


  • Text FLOYD to 55156
  • Text JUSTICE To 668366
  • Donate to organizations such as 

Resources for our BIPOC community: 


Community, kindness and responsibility start with each of us.