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Art of women showing body joy and holding Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

The Fine Art (+ Artist!) Behind BODY JOY

by Beatriz Zimmermann October 13, 2020

Bem Casado easy Brazilian dessert recipe Cheirosa '71 Hair + Body Fragrance Mist

Your New Favorite Fall Dessert: Brazilian Bem Casado

by Janell Hickman October 06, 2020

This Fall baking favorite is super easy to make (and even more delicious to eat!)

Enjoy the taste of Brazil at home with this exclusive, easy-to-follow Fall baking recipe created by Brazilian food storyteller, Raiza Costa to celebrate the launch of our Cheirosa ‘71 Hair + Body Mist. 


Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray
Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist, Coco Cabana Body Fragrance Mist, Cheirosa ’71 Body Fragrance Mist

Step into Our Fragrance Wardrobe

by Beatriz Zimmermann September 23, 2020

Woman applying GlowMotions Glow Oils - Body Glow Oil

Glow 101: How To Extend Your Summer Glow

by Sol de Janeiro Team September 16, 2020

Summer may be winding down, but Sol de Janeiro's versatile Glowmotions Oils can help you maintain glowing skin in any season.
woman on on the beach with hair blowing in the wind

5 Tips for Post-Summer Hair Repair

by Sol de Janeiro Team September 11, 2020

After a busy summer, your hair might need a vacation from the sun, salt and heat. Beyond quality, hair-healthy products, we curated a few tips to get summer hair damage under control once and for all.

Brazilian Kiss Tinted Cupuaçu Lip Butter - Keep It Rio, Teeny Bikini, Sol Mate,

ice cream cone with a jar of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in it

How To Make Brazilian Bum Bum (Ice) Cream! - Sol de Janeiro 🍦

by Sharon Kim July 18, 2020

From gourmand to gourmet, we're showing you how to make homemade ice cream inspired by the best selling (and smelling) body cream at Sephora!