Time to worship you - Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil

NEW LAUNCH: Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil

It’s Time to Worship YOU with our new supremely nourishing body oil designed to visibly firm skin and reduce the feeling of puffiness for your most divine skin!

Enriched with a proprietary Guaraná Caffeine+ Complex, micro algae extract, and Brazilian olive oil, Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil visibly firms while providing rich, non-greasy moisture–leaving skin silky, supple and hydrated. Brazilians are experts in lymphatic drainage massage, and Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil is the perfect way to get those powerful, visible results at home as part of an easy self-massage ritual. And, yes–the formula is enhanced with the same iconic, irresistible Brazilian Bum Bum Cream scent with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla.

Star Ingredients

The formula is powered by benefit-rich ingredients for results you can see and feel. Our proprietary Guaraná Caffeine+ Complex is a blend of potent Brazilian extracts (jaboticaba, guaraná & muirapuama) that contain strong bio-active properties. Our micro algae extract is renewable & rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and helps reduce the feeling of puffiness and helps stimulate micro circulation. From the southern region of Brazil, our olive oil is rich in polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to nourish without leaving a greasy feel.

How to Use

To use this powerfully firming body oil, simply apply morning and night using circular motions to promote circulation and depuffing. If you’d like, use it with our lymphatic drainage technique using your hands to heighten the depuffing benefits. Starting at your belly button, press firmly and sweep fingers up and out toward your rib cage. Complete this movement for 3-5 minutes. Starting at your belly button again, press firmly and sweep fingers down and out toward your bikini line.

For even more dramatic firming and debloating benefits, use Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil with our new Firmeza Massage Tool, made from FSC-certified beechwood. Apply the oil, then sweep the tool over skin to boost lymphatic drainage, optimize the body’s natural detox process, and reduce signs of bloating.

About the Artwork

The artwork seen throughout our Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil campaign was inspired by a typical Brazilian art form: Cordel. Its origins date back to the 16th century in Europe, but it was in Brazil (especially in the northeastern region of the country) that it took on a unique form, serving as the illustration of Cordel literature. The woodcut process gives the artwork an organic, and even primitive, appearance.

With the help and talent of the artist Brunna Mancuso, we developed our 'goddess' and 'hand’ motifs, along with the other symbolic adornments you see in our artwork in this campaign. The color combination was inspired by our branded Aqua tone, together with the golden extract from the product itself.

The juxtaposition of all these elements together creates a striking look that was intended to elevate not just the product, but the actual experience of using a formula that is so decadent that it’s downright transcendent.