Body Joy Set on a surfboard being held by many women of different shapes and sizes

Self Love & Confidence: Let's Talk About Body Joy!

Body Joy says a whole lot about what the Sol de Janeiro experience is about and says everything about what we want to share with you, inspire in you, and celebrate with you. 

So, what is Body Joy?

Body Joy is a love story – with your body! It’s all about appreciating and celebrating your body without rules or holding back. It feels good. It feels so good that when you feel it, others feel it, too. This is the Body Joy chain reaction – that glow and positivity that just bounces off your Body Joy for everyone to see and feel.

So, how can we start to feel the Body Joy? We think little gestures go a long way. Smile when you look in the mirror, appreciate all the things your body does for you and all the places it takes you. Maybe start a little journal and write down what you appreciate about your body. And of course, we always encourage you to squeeze in extra pampering time (especially in your own bathroom) when you can to show your body some love.

The other thing about Body Joy is that while we love the loud and proud aspect of it (yes, we’re totally on board with the Body Joy Revolution!), Body Joy can be expressed in many ways. Body Joy can also be quiet and subtle, so it’s there for everyone to experience and embrace in their own way. No matter what, it’s always about celebrating your unique and amazing beauty and doing what makes you feel good.

And remember, like any love story, Body Joy is going to evolve and grow and surprise you, too. Some days may bring more Body Joy than others, and that’s ok. Whether it’s love at first sight or work-in-progress-Body Joy, we’re here for you with luxurious treats, pampering, and fragrances that celebrate your body. Every day.

In honor of Body Joy, we’ve created a special collection of some of our favorite Body Joy inspirations. Real SOL Family favorites - or, if you’re just discovering Body Joy, think of this as your Body Joy starter kit!

What better way to start a Body Joy-filled day than in the shower with our ,Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Gel-Cream. This pampering shower gel is sulfate-free and formulated with a moisturizing blend of Cupuaçu Butter, Coconut and Açaí oils for skin that’s clean, hydrated and so soft. And the scent? It’s our iconic Cheirosa 62 fragrance beloved by so many – think warm, gourmand notes of Pistachio and Salted Caramel. For the ultimate body treat (and more Body Joy!), grab some Brazilian Bum Bum Cream post-shower for skin you can’t help but touch.

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