Beija flor elasti-cream 240ml surrounded in flowers

This is the Bouncy, Velvety-soft Skin We Love - Beija Flor™ Elasti-Cream <br> with Plant Collagen + Cacay Oil (a gentle retinol alternative)

Let’s face it, we lavish a lot of attention on our faces. When people think skincare, the focus is usually on this part of the body - with retinol a popular go-to ingredient for keeping our skin fresh, bouncy and vibrant. However, skin means so much more in Brazil – it’s a head-to-toe thing and a full-bodied kind of celebration that goes way beyond the face. Our culture of positivity and self-celebration extends to the bodies we live in and love taking care of - every day. For Brazilians, this is never a chore, it’s a part of life – like taking a shower or brushing our teeth.

So, what does life look like when we devote this kind of daily love and attention to our bodies? Well, we can tell you that this life-long pleasure of taking care of our skin really shows in a certain confidence that seems to radiate all the way down to our toes. it’s a full-of-life vitality we love to flaunt. And it’s an attitude and a lifestyle that’s absolutely joyful – not unlike the French joie de vivre – but it’s Brazilian, so there are lots of smiles.

The best part? This approach to beauty and life knows no age and like any Brazilian celebration, everyone’s invited. We’ve brought this joyful, always-vibrant attitude together with the proven, potent ingredients we have at our fingertips in Brazil to a whole new way to take care of our skin and self-celebrate. Ready?

Meet Our Beija Flor™ Elasti-Cream

Elasticity-boosting, collagen-rich and blended with a super effective (but gentle) retinol alternative, this super-rich body cream has it all. It’s pretty much a powerhouse dream cream for skin that’s deeply replenished, bouncy and resilient – and it’s clinically proven to boost collagen* for skin that’s visibly smooth and plump. Here’s how –

A bounce-back network of ingredients helps support cell turnover and delivers the deep, replenishing moisture your skin craves.

Cacay Oil -This might just be one of the Amazon’s best kept secrets. Drawn from the seeds of the Cacay tree, this cold-pressed oil is brimming with vitamins and rich fatty acids that deeply nourish skin, keep moisture levels way up and support cell turnover (to keep skin fresh and vibrant). A gentle and effective alternative to retinol (the gold standard of skin care), Cacay Oil keeps skin at its peak without the typical side effects of retinol (dryness, irritation and sun sensitivity). Learn more about retinol vs. Cacay Oil .

Plant Collagen – Think of collagen as one of skin’s key building blocks – it gives our skin density and bounce. We want that. Did you know that our skin’s natural collagen supply starts to gradually decline as early as age 18? We’ve added our skin-supporting Plant Collagen (vegan certified) to help supplement and offset that collagen loss.

Plant Squalane – Similar to skin’s own naturally occurring oils, Squalane drenches skin with vital moisture to instantly plump the look of skin, deeply hydrate and prevent moisture loss. It also does a great job promoting suppleness and resilience.

Yes, it’s for Every Body

Our elasticity-boosting body cream is for everybody who wants vibrant, bouncy, hydrated, velvety-smooth skin, neck-to-toe. This is a treat for every inch of your skin.

For us, loving our bodies is never just something we do – it’s a way of life and something we practice every day – with pleasure. You’re never too young or too old to self-celebrate. Loving, flaunting and taking care of the skin we live in has no age.

Cacay oil: a gentle and effective retinol alternative | Plant Squalane: Deeply hydrates and prevents moisture loss | Vegan Collagen: Helps maintain visibly plump youthfully-resilient skin || Beija flor elasti-cream | Sol de Janeiro

Did you know that in Brazil Beija Flor is the word for hummingbird and literally translates to ‘flower kisser’? Our Beija Flor™ Elasti-Cream kisses your skin with the nourishment it needs for skin that thrives.

* In a clinical laboratory study using immunohistofluorescent labeling of human skin explants, skin with 3 applications over a 9 day period showed a statistically significant increase in production vs. a negative control.