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New Year, New Look: Say Hello to Our Rebrand

We’re proud to enter 2024 with a revamped brand identity inspired by our storied Brazilian heritage. Like every Carioca (Rio native), we prioritize beauty that encourages routine self-care and ensures joyful radiance from head to toe. Our new look complements our already award-winning and highly efficacious products with a fresh makeover across our packaging and merchandise. Because we can all use a little refresh sometimes. 

Learn more about our new visual identity and the future of Sol de Janeiro from CEO & Co-Founder Heela Yang. 

What inspired this transformation and what does it means for the brand's future? 

“Our rebranding initiative is inspired by our unwavering commitment to excellence and market leadership. As Sol de Janeiro continues to grow and thrive, we recognize the importance of a consistent brand identity that resonates with you, our customers. This transformation is more than just a change in appearance; it's a tribute to our Brazilian-inspired heritage and a bold step into the future.” 

Can you share some of the key elements of the rebranding effort and the collaboration with Pentagram London in developing the new brand identity? 

“The rebrand encompasses a redesigned logo and a comprehensive graphic system that enhances communication. The inspiration comes from the curves and beauty that define Brazil—the bodies, the smiles, the landscapes, and the music. We teamed up with Pentagram London, a highly respected design studio, to ensure that our new brand identity not only looks captivating but is also easy to read, raising the bar for awareness in our category.” 

How will this rebrand impact the customer experience, and what can customers expect from Sol de Janeiro in the coming months? 

“Our rebranding effort is all about making the overall customer experience even better. With a brand identity that's more consistent and easily recognizable, you should feel a stronger connection between our products and the values that drive Sol de Janeiro. We'll continue to deliver authentic and joyous beauty products, and we have exciting developments in store for the coming months that will further our connection all of you in our community.” 

What message would you like to convey to Sol de Janeiro's loyal customers and those discovering the brand for the first time? 

“To our loyal community, we are so grateful for your unwavering support. Our dedication to our consumer is as steadfast as it has always been, and we wholeheartedly invite them to join us on this journey as we continue to celebrate the beauty and confidence that are quintessentially Brazilian.” 

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A Note About Shopping Our New Look 

You will start to glimpse our new packaging throughout 2024 (when exactly will vary by retailer). We take sustainability seriously, which means we’re implementing a thoughtful, strategic plan to slowly roll out our new look without creating excess waste and throwing away existing product. Current jars and bottles will be placed in new packaging, helping us to use remaining inventory in a sustainable, productive way. 

What's inside our packaging will always be the highly efficacious, irresistible product you love. You can find that anytime on or through an authorized retailer.