Brazilian Crush Perfume Mists

Our SOL Scent Guide to Your Every Crush – and Why Fragrance Makes You Feel So Good

When it comes to fragrance, why play favorites? With so many delicious scents to try, there’s a reason fragrance wardrobing is a thing. We encourage exploring and never holding back because this is so very cheirosa – the Brazilian love of immersing yourself in fragrance and filling your whole world with it. We know that fragrance is so much more than smelling good.  It’s also a powerful go-to for pleasure, mood-lifting, confidence-boosting, connection with others – and even memory inspo.

But how does fragrance do all that? Some quick science – when you breathe in fragrance, scent molecules pass right through the olfactory bulb, which runs from your nose to the base of your brain, traveling directly to areas in the brain that govern emotion and memory. That’s why fragrance really is emotional and often reminds us of things, places or people.

The scent of the beach? Instant summer memory, right? And that’s just one example because we know the sense of smell is complex. Now more than ever, we’re appreciating fragrance in a deeper way. For us at Sol de Janeiro, we see our sunfilled scents as unfiltered joy and wellbeing and a direct path to positivity. 

So how to choose the scents that will enhance our lives and bring those positive reinforcements as we go out into the world and make others feel good, too?

Here’s our SOL Guide to choosing your sunshine. Each of our rich, transportive, and smile-inducing fragrances are now part of the Brazilian Crush Collection and designed for a happy rotation so you can mix it up and mist it up. Plus, a generous new 240mL size means who won’t run out of the Crush you love - at least, not for a while, so mist away!

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62

Sunny + delicious. Like a blend of the best summer you ever had and the best summer you’re about to have. This warm, sunny, beachy scent with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla conjures the happiest vibes – not to mention serious compliments. This iconic, forever-summer scent is inspired by another iconic moment – the year 1962 when the whole world fell in love with the Girl from Ipanema and the amazing beach culture vibe of Brazil. 

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 39

Mouthwatering + a little tropical. Serving up a gorgeous and grown-up island mood, this is not your typical coconut fragrance. Blended with notes of coconut cream, toasted praline and tropical orchid, this is much more complex and sophisticated – and you’ll love the resort vibes.

Inspired by Brazilian bombshell and Hollywood star, Carmen Miranda, who in 1939 wore her signature fruit hat for the first time. Instant icon.

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 40

Soft + sultry. Welcome to paradise and our newest scent (that’s already getting serious love).

This floral gourmand brings together sensuous florals for a rich and absolutely irresistible effect. With notes of black amber plum and dark yet sweet crème de cassis mingled with warm, vanilla woods, fresh jasmine blooms and a hint of musk to reveal an intoxicating-yet-delicate effect. Inspired by the year 1840, when Rio introduced its first Carnaval Ball, this scent captures the sophistication of these legendary bailes and sweeps you up for the celebration of your dreams.

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71

Warm, welcoming + cozy. If you’re craving warmer more sumptuous vibes, this is a must-try. With inviting notes of caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nut and tonka bean, we consider this a truly voluptuous fragrance. Kind of like a delicious hug, this full-bodied temptation is pretty hard to resist. Inspired by our muse Leila Deniz, who in 1971 was the first pregnant woman to wear a bikini on the beaches of Rio. At eight months pregnant, Leila’s life-embracing gesture – and joy - represents the very spirit of Body Joy we want everybody to feel.

Ready to spritz, and play? Don’t hold back, being cheirosa brings so much joy and we think that’s definitely crush-worthy and just right, right now!