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The Impact Of Fragrance On Mood & Emotions

Think of your most-loved fragrance. It’s so much more than just notes. It’s an experience. Scents elicit feelings like nostalgia, happiness, and relaxation—and can even cue memories. The reason for this isn’t just “good vibes.” How scents affect your mood is rooted in science. According to Medium, “The limbic system, which is the area of the brain responsible for smell and emotion supports a variety of functions….the most powerful function is to set the tone for our emotional self.”

Fragrance and feelings are processed through the same system, the two are deeply connected. “Unique to smell, no other sense has such powerful access to your memory, suggesting that your ability to recall information may be improved by inhaling an odor you were previously exposed to while originally shown that information,” explains Medium. Who knew something as personal as scent was really all science?

How Do Fragrances Affect Mood & Emotions?

Spritzing on instant happiness may seem unbelievable but “data shows that smell triggers 75 percent of our daily emotions, which might explain why perfume…is increasingly becoming part of our self-care” according to Oprah Daily. Researchers noted how smells affect your mood and began formulating fragrances that make you happy. These scents deliberately combine notes that evoke positive feelings for the wearer––from tranquility to confidence.

What Makes A Good Fragrance For You?

Your perfect fragrance will alter your mood and emotions for the better. “Some, like sandalwood, elicit feelings of calm, while others such as vanilla might leave you feeling warm and sensual,” explains Vogue. Understanding which notes conjure certain emotions will help you choose the right scent for a mood or occasion.

Fragrances That Uplift Your Mood

Before you head to the fragrance counter, our guide explains which notes to pair with your mood. Consider this your go-to list of scents and their effects.


For relaxation. This commonly used ingredient feels like a warm, enveloping embrace. It’s often found in sweet or amber gourmand fragrances like our cocooning Cheirosa 71 and sunny Cheirosa 62.


For confidence and allure. Opulent and powerful, this floral jasmine helps its wearer feel empowered. Our sultry take? Find it in Cheirosa 40.


For calm and balance. This rare wood conjures harmony and happiness—and is a base note in our world-famous Cheirosa 62.


For freshness and optimism. Complex and versatile, this skin-like note adds staying power. Cheirosa 68’s touch of sun musk elicits the warm feeling of sunshine.


For familiarity and positivity. This solar floral note is lush and heady. In Rio Radiance, it evokes a sense of escapism and nostalgia.