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It’s Almost Mother’s Day and We Are Celebrating Our Samba Mamas!

April 26, 2021

It’s Almost Mother’s Day and We Are Celebrating Our Samba Mamas!


It’s almost Mother’s Day and if you haven’t yet started pondering everything that’s great about mom, then we’re here to help. We love Mother’s Day (Dai das Mães) because it’s a time to reflect on what our moms do and on their lasting power and presence in our lives. It’s no wonder we refer to moms as multitaskers. Moms are teachers, role models, life guides, and very often, even our best friend. We’re so grateful. 

 In Brazil, the mom love can extend far and wide to be multi-generational – a veritable lineage of love with grandmothers and aunts playing a part. This year, we’re taking all that love and energy and bringing it to life with our Samba Mama celebration. 

What’s a Samba Mama? Let’s start with the samba, which is a Brazilian musical genre with African roots blended with Brazilian folk traditions. It’s considered one of the most important cultural phenomena in Brazil and over the years it has evolved to include both a type of music and dance. Like pretty much everything Brazilian, this dance is high energy. It’s super joyful and life embracing – kinda like mom. There’s nothing sleepy about Mother’s Day in Brazil. It’s all-in love and celebration and definitely a day to think about how our moms empower and inspire us. 


We chatted with some of our Brazilian SOL team members and asked them what memories and wisdom they cherish most about mom. Here’s what they shared. 


My mom is amazing and from her I learned to work really hard for what I want. She showed by example because when I was little she was busy starting her own business, getting her degree, and later getting her masters, too. My grandmother took care of my sister and I while my mother worked.  My grandmother – who almost became a nun! – is a very spiritual person and I find her faith so humbling and inspiring. I also have the best memories of cooking with her.  I practically grew up in her kitchen! I learned to make Italian food with her and to this day I always think of her when I make fresh pasta. I Facetime her so we can cook “together”. 

-Ingrid Reichart, Creative + Content Manager 


Togetherness and community are so important in Brazil. The importance of relationships and family is just everything. Supporting each other and helping each other gives you a foundation that stays with you your whole life. Having my mother’s caring and support growing up just helped me become who I am and gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. It’s also how I learned to be a mom! I have two little ones of my own now and I realize more than ever what that constant support means when you’re growing up – it’s the key to happiness. This is a valuable lesson for both girls- and boys. They need equal support and love and I want to instill in them the importance of community and caring so they can pass that on when they grow up. 

Anyway, I haven’t seen my mom in over a year and I can’t wait to see her – and hug her!  

-Camila Peirotti, Founding Partner 


I remember my mom always reminded me to smile. If we met someone, or visited someone's house, she would give me a little tug and say, "smile Wallacy." She used to say, “When you are a good person, a laugh is never wrong. If you are laughing, I will be smiling. "(Portuguese: Se você ta rindoeu vou estar sorrindo). Later in my early 20's when I finally got the courage to tell her I was gay, she laughed and said, "Be happy, that's all that matters at the end.” We then hugged, cried, laughed and smiled, all at once. It felt so nice! That was when I truly embraced who I am. She taught me, to be me. 

-Wallace Fortes, Brand Activation + Engagement Manager 


We wish all the moms out there a beautiful day and we hope everyone has the best  Mother’s Day. And if you’re looking for gifting ideas for all the Samba Mamas in your  life, we have just the thing. 

 Check out our curated gift list for Mother's Day here!


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