Woman in shower holding Bum Bum Body Scrub

Transitioning Our Fall Skincare with Brazilian Beauty

Yes, we love summer and sunshine. But fall is a part of life – even in Brazil! So how do we apply our Brazilian Beauty Secrets and Brazilian Body Expertise to that fall transition? We asked Sol de Janeiro, co-founder, Camila Pierotti for her tips, tricks and skincare savvy on the subject.


“Brazilians aren’t used to dry weather since warmer, humid weather is the norm, so when fall comes, we do everything we can to keep our skin, lips, hands and feet moisturized and comfortable. Feeling comfortable in our skin is so important, “says Pierotti. “My advice is to give your body extra attention and pampering and be really generous with your products.”


Here’s Camila’s how-to for doing just that!



Exfoliation is Your Friend

Drier weather can definitely mean drier skin, so make sure to exfoliate regularly. By smoothing away dry, dead skin, you’re constantly renewing and revealing fresh smooth (aka soft) skin. Our Bum Bum Body Scrub exfoliates thoroughly, but gently, which is exactly what you want when temperatures cool.  Our scrub is made with Brazilian ingredients like crushed cupuaçu butter, sugar crystals and coconut oil for a perfect balance of exfoliating and pampering. Post-scrub, your skin is ready to absorb moisture better than ever. “I follow up with a rotation of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Coco Cabana Cream and Brazilian Nude Cream and I love moisturizing at the start of the day and again at the end of the day before I slip into cozy PJs,” says Pierotti.



So, Here Comes the Moisture…

Make sure to moisturize thoroughly from head to toe. Massage in really well and don’t hold back! For that extra hit of moisture, indulge in our most moisturizing body cream.


Coco Cabana Cream – This luscious treat is formulated with a CocoSugar Blend that attracts moisture for up to 72 hours of hydration – perfect for the season. The mouthwatering Cheirosa ’39 scent with notes of coconut cream, toasted praline and jasmine also brings you a feeling of paradise – which is nice in the colder months, too!




Lip Love

“I stock up on Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Butter – for myself and my kids,” says Pierotti. “It’s super conditioning and the chunky size allows for great coverage for the whole lip area. It’s a must for colder weather.




Nails + Cuticles

Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Butter is my go-to once again. It’s amazing for keeping nails and cuticles healthy and super conditioned. I apply right before I go to bed. This is one of my favorite multi-taskers and my secret to waking up with beautiful nails every morning.”




Treat Your Feet

“Feet are really important in Brazil – whether we’re showing them off or long after we’ve put our sandals away!” says Pierotti. “Our Samba Foot Fetish Cream comes with a great pumice board for smoothing away dryness and callouses. The foot cream is super rich with skin-softening ingredients, but the best part is the no-slip formula which means it absorbs really fast so there’s no waiting to get ready and slip on your shoes. It’s pampering and incredibly practical. Before bed, I love applying the foot cream and then slipping on socks to keep my feet warm and this helps to deepen moisture benefits even more.”




SPF, Always!

Just because beach season’s over doesn’t mean we stop protecting our skin. In Brazil, we take the sun seriously all year round.


My SOL Stick SPF 50 promises a portable on-the-go option that’s perfect for touch ups and spots that need extra protection, like nose, ears, hands and tattoos. Keep one in your bag, car, etc. “My favorite SPF trick is applying it to the back of my hands, especially when I drive,” says Pierotti.




Our New Fall-worthy Fragrance 

Brazilian Beauty just isn’t complete without being cheirosa (smelling incredibly delicious) and it’s always nice to switch things up for the season. Our new Cheirosa ’71 Hair + Body Fragrance Mist arrives just in time to wrap you up in a warm, voluptuous scent that will absolutely make you swoon. “I am absolutely living in this now,” reports Pierotti. “I spritz in my hair and all over my body. I love to spritz my space, too so I’m completely immersed in the scent and I also spritz freshly laundered clothes – this is very Brazilian.”


With notes of caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia and tonka bean, this is the cozy-up, irresistible fragrance you’ll want to live in 24-7. Think of it as a warm hug from Brazil.


We’re feeling it and we are so ready for fall.