Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray

Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer - Back FOR Good & to DO Good

The challenges we have faced together during the COVID-19 pandemic have led Sol de Janeiro to quickly create an essential product that would truly support our SOL Family, and our community.

Our new Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer has allowed us to do that – and to be there for others in a new and profound way. 

We galvanized our efforts to bring this product to those who need it most- with 10,000 Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizers donated to Bayada Home Healthcare and their staff who care for the elderly and the most vulnerable. 100% of the profits of the sale of our hand sanitizer on made this donation possible. We are grateful to those who purchased Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer and happy to support everyone we have lovingly shared this product with.

Thanks to the overwhelming response to this initiative, we will continue to bring the power and positivity of touch to our community by extending this important effort. From now through the end of the year,  each month we will donate 10,000 Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizers to a different healthcare/community organization, and more of our heroes at the frontline of this crisis.

We know that community is everything and in this way we are connecting with others in the most meaningful way – and in a way that truly brings sunshine to others when it’s needed most.

If you have a healthcare / community organization in mind that could use the power of some SOL sunshine, submit their information HERE!