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Meet Our Perfumer, Jérôme Epinette

We love to talk about fragrance – because we love to live in fragrance. This is the Brazilian way and being cheirosa (which means you smell incredibly delicious), has always been a big part of everything we do. With fragrance so close to our hearts and also such a growing topic of interest among both connoiseurs and scent-loving newbies, we thought it was a good time to sit down and speak with our star perfumer, Jérôme Epinette.

Honored with numerous awards throughout his illustrious career, including the Fragrance Foundation’s prestigious ‘Perfume Extraordinaire’ award, Jérôme has partnered with Sol de Janeiro since the inception of our brand and has created some legendary fragrances you may know and love… (hint… Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.)

But how did it all happen?

Sol de Janeiro co-brand founder, Camila Pierotti, remembers that very first meeting with Jérôme, almost seven years ago. “We were just starting out when we met Jérôme, but we knew exactly what we wanted to create and what we wanted to bring to the world – the joy of Brazil and the Brazilian spirit.”

Though not Brazilian himself (Jerome was born in Burgundy, France), he was already a fan of that Brazilian spirit, having spent time in Brazil for pleasure. His travels there definitely made an impression. Thanks to its very colorful nature (in every sense), Brazil is truly a virtual playground for any perfumer.

“In Brazil, you’re immersed in fragrance with so many beautiful scents in the air – it’s non-stop. Whether it’s the saltiness of the ocean, or the scent of flowers or fruit, it’s all around you and all very joyful and sensuous at the same time,” says Epinette. “Scents and ingredients also vary a great deal from region to region. Brazil is expansive and so rich.”

Jérôme Epinette
“In Brazil, everywhere you look you’re surrounded by natural beauty. But the most amazing thing is how Brazil makes me feel – happy and full of life.”
– Jérôme Epinette

Drawing from such a rich palette, Epinette understood that capturing this expanse of emotion through ingredients that conjure the warmth and welcoming feeling of Brazil, was at the heart of the brand’s approach to fragrance.

This too was the inspiration for what would become the first creation and collaboration between Epinette and Sol de Janeiro, namely the now iconic Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Beloved for its many body care goodies, it was immediately obvious that it was the showstopping scent that was the conversation starter when you popped open that jar. It also proved to be a serious magnet for compliments. “People basically went crazy for the scent,” says Pierotti. “The way it made people feel and the compliments and curiousity it inspired in any anyone who smelled it was just amazing.”

All that love would soon inspire a perfume mist of that same Cheirosa 62 scent to meet the demand of a fast-growing fan base. With gourmand notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla, this was a fragrance with an absolutely irresistable and delicious quality. Considered a gourmand fragrance, it’s worth noting that this is a fairly new category in the world of perfumery. Gourmand fragrances are characterized by rich, edible notes (yes, that yummy quality that makes you smile when you smell it). According to Epinette, the challenge is to create a gourmand fragrance that’s as sophisticated as it is delicious – never obvious and never too sweet. “Choosing and balancing ingredients for the right effect is essential, says Epinette. “Sol de Janeiro fragrances are always layered and blended in such a way that they smell irresistible and inspire happiness through delicious and unexpected ingredients, too. These fragrances are complex and are made to make you feel so good.”

On the subject of feeling good, we asked Epinette about his thoughts on new realizations around fragrance during the Covid era. “I think wearing fragrance was always important and for many people it was a matter of routine, but following quarantine while we were at home and often separated from others, people started to realize how important and uplifting fragrance can be,” says Epinette. “It’s a powerful tool for creating a mood, a feeling of comfort and also bringing memories of people and places.” Epinette notes, “This has been very important during this time and I think it will continue to be – and there are no rules for when and how to wear the fragrances you love. If it makes you feel happy, spray all day.”

The idea of spraying all day couldn’t be more cheirosa and we couldn’t agree more. We know fragrance is a powerful tool for feeling good and an amazing way of connecting with others – something’s that more relevant than ever.

As you may know, Cheirosa 62 and our award-winning Brazilian Bum Bum Cream were only beginning. Happily, there have been many joy-filled creations from Jérôme. Here are a few more with some insider impressions from our favorite perfumer –

Cheirosa 40 – “This is a very colorful fragrance and the fruitiest. It’s also very sophisticated with bit of amber and a layer of soft musk, which is beautiful on your skin.”

Cheirosa 71 – “I love that this fragrance brings together other aspects of Brazil, like, nutty, warm aromas and sea salt from the ocean - which adds a nice twist. This fragrance feels warm and cozy. It’s very sensuous and cozy.”

Our fragrance conversation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our commitment to sustainability which is so important to us as a brand and also something we share with Jérôme and global fragrance house, Robertet. Considered a leader in the sourcing of the highest quality and sustainable ingredients around the world, we are so proud to partner with Robertet. Bringing positive experiences into the world – for both people and planet is a goal we share and hold dear.

On that note, we invite everyone to enjoy our Sol de Janeiro fragrances. Play, smile, share – our fragrances are like love notes to Brazil – and you. Joy is just a spritz away.