Anitta X Sol de Janeiro - Anitta Perfume Mist

Welcome to The World of ANITTA

Singer, songwriter, businesswoman and international superstar, ANITTA is truly a phenomenon. The cultural and social capital she wields is indescribable. Singlehandedly, she is redefining what a “Girl from Rio” is supposed to look like — and more importantly achieve. 

Her Background

With over 54 million followers on Instagram, ANITTA is the second most followed Latina woman behind Jennifer Lopez. She also showcases why embracing exactly who you are pays off.

Born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, she shared that much wasn’t expected of her, especially since she lacked access to formal education.

Not one to be easily deterred, ANITTA was always online and describes herself as a “curious” person, exploring musical genres and teaching herself languages, including Spanish, English, Italian, and most recently, French during quarantine. “Whatever is necessary to do to reach my goal, I just do it,” she explains. “When I was poor, I didn’t have the opportunities or structure to do what I wanted. So, I needed to create my own structure. That’s [why I think I am successful].”


Her Persona

ANITTA is the epitome of Body Joy — she unabashedly embraces her physique and exudes confidence in a way that others can only dream of. She has an unfiltered unapologetic approach to beauty (and life), and even told ALLURE that to her “plastic surgery is like changing my hair." ANITTA is true to herself inspiring fans to “to be whoever they want to be without judgment.”

In her top 100 single, “Girl from Rio” she sings, “Hot girls, where I'm from, we don't look like models, tan lines, big curves and the energy glows”  — a lyrical reminder about the deep diversity of Brazil, from skin tones to body size. “I think people should look in the mirror and believe that they are perfect just the way they are, without comparisons, because there is no one like anyone. And the most important thing is to love themselves and respect others,” she shares exclusively with Sol de Janeiro.

But beyond her famous curves, ANITTA is also a super savvy businesswoman, recently named as a board member to financial start-up, Nubank. ANITTA saw the role as a chance to promote financial inclusion and literacy in Latin America — where many low-income communities still lack access to bank accounts. “Not being able to have financial products is very demotivating and shameful. A lot of people in Latin America have always lived off informal employment. How are those people going to have a credit history?” she told Reuters.


Her Music

ANITTA made her debut in the music scene in 2013 via YouTube (p.s. she now has over 5.5 billion views) and is credited with taking Funk Carioca globally. Her provocative style of music has been subject to bans by conservative Brazilian lawmakers as recently as 2017 — yet has become the voice of the people of Brazil. Despite the prejudice, ANITTA has woven Funk into her countless collaborations with stars like Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, J Balvin, and others. ANITTA’s next chapter is conquering the U.S market.

Like rap, what started as an underground sensation is slowly becoming more mainstream, tackling topics like crime, drugs, violence, and racism. 

"[Funk’s history] it’s pretty much like hip-hop’s history, in the U.S. The rhythm [of funk] is an urban rhythm,” she explains. “In the beginning, the upper classes [in Brazil] were super against funk; If you liked funk, you were considered a freak—a bad person, almost. So, the radio, the clubs in the city—they didn’t play the rhythm. "

Her hope is that she can make funk as international as reggaeton (if not more). And now, she is one step closer to that goal. On July 18, 2021, the Latin Grammys started to officially recognize Brazilian Funk as a style of urban music — a major win for ANITTA and other Brazilian artists to follow in her footsteps.


Her Fragrance

Now, together with ANITTA, we’re expanding our fragrance collection for a new scent reflective of self-confidence and love. ANITTA Perfume Mist is a juicy, magnetic fragrance that fans and fragrance lovers alike will enjoy.

Anitta x Sol de Janeiro - The Girl From Rio - Perfume

Sol de Janeiro x ANITTA Perfume Mist

Consider this vibrant fragrance collaboration as an invitation to Boldly Love – Yourself. Notes of fresh passionfruit nectar, spicy pink patchouli, sweet jasmine honey, warm vanilla, and tiger orchid will leave you cheirosa — one of the biggest beauty secrets of Brazil. Spray everywhere (and anywhere) from head to toe, lingerie, clothes, or even linens.

 And, because ANITTA is committed to empowering those in her community, 5% of all ANITTA Perfume Mist Sales will be donated to  Pro Criança Cardíaca, an institution that has cared for more than 15 thousand low-income children with heart disease and medical needs. 

Despite all that she has accomplished at the age of 29, it’s very clear this is just the beginning for ANITTA. And, now as a Sol de Janeiro family member, we can’t wait to continue to cheer her on.