New Year’s Resolutions – SOL-style

New Year’s Resolutions – SOL-style

It’s a new year and as we pour the bubbly and reflect on the year ahead it’s very likely the subject of New Year’s Resolutions will come up – that annual tradition that’s all about changing or improving our lives. Yet, as popular as this tradition is, did you know that by the end of the year less than 9% of resolution-makers have actually stuck with those resolutions?

Why is it so hard to keep our resolutions?

We could guess at the reasons. Too much pressure? Unrealistic goals? Or, it might have more to do with our whole approach to resolutions which tends to focus on fixing, changing and maybe even a little shaming when we don’t quite keep up with those goals. This may not be the best way to serve the higher purpose – to live happier and fuller lives!

As a brand that embraces and encourages joy in our every day lives, we propose a new way of looking at those resolutions – by turning them into ReSOLutions.

So, what are ReSOLutions, you ask?

ReSOLutions are all about enriching, enhancing and supporting who you are. There’s no dieting here, or changing, or giving up of anything. In fact, ReSOLutions are about having more – enjoying life more and loving yourself more. Let’s raise a glass to positivity and self-celebration and more sharing and reflection so we connect with the things we deserve and that truly bring joy into our lives.

Plus, our ReSOLutions are also surprisingly easy to keep!

Smile – the very basics to start. Studies indicate that simply smiling more can reset your mood and bring health benefits. The simple act of smiling can set off a chemical reaction in our brains, releasing endorphins that actually makes us feel happier. Stress relief, lower blood pressure and stronger immune systems have also been linked to smiling and laughing. Let’s tap into that smile power!

Seek out positivity – we know that there are certain people that just radiate positivity. These people have a way of making us feel good, more relaxed and making us laugh. Stick with these people. The power of positive voices and influences in our lives cannot be overstated so pay attention to those vibes and wherever possible, distance yourself from negativity or people who make you feel bad.

Nature is pretty great – there’s a whole world out there. Right outside your doorstep. During the last year and half some of us have discovered the simple pleasure and very real benefits of simply taking a walk and connecting with nature. Whether it’s the freshness of the air, the sound of birds, or observing the subtleties of changing seasons, these are moments that help to center us and allow us to take a break from our busy lives. It’s an opportunity to refresh and restore which is good thing. Seek out the sunshine every way you can.

Get creative – yet another interesting outcome of the past year and a half is that many of us have discovered or have dug deeper into hobbies or side hustles that have opened up a whole new world. The result? New passions and new ways of expressing ourselves. Maybe it’s cooking, gardening, making t-shirts or music. Whatever it is, a newfound love or interest has a way of firing up our brains and making us feel alive. Connecting with others who share our interests is another a great way of both deepening our passions and enjoying new relationships that give us a sense of community. We encourage you to find your tribe and thrive!

And speaking of connecting, let’s give our love and attention to our relationships and friendships. Plan that quality time with friends or squeeze in that coffee date. Whether it’s a quick check-in or a full-on day of adventure with the one(s) we love, sharing with others and having those social connections really lift us, inspire us and help us through the ups and downs of life. Making – and looking forward to - plans is also a boost.

Sleep –we promise this is not boring. Studies show that when we get enough sleep – which can vary from person to person but generally hovers around 8 hours – our minds are more rested and as a result we’re likely to do more, learn more, and be in a better mood. So, make sure to get those zzz’s.

Self-Care – how could we not talk about a topic so close to our hearts? The benefits of self-care have gotten serious attention recently, but for us, this has always been a part of life. Our Brazilian approach to beauty and life is all about caring, sharing, and celebrating what we have. Loving and taking care of our bodies is at the top of the list and always a pleasure as we treat ourselves with products and experiences that make our bodies happy and glowing from head to toe. Taking that quality time with ourselves is something we do daily and invite you to do, also! We have one body to love. Let’s not hold back! Looking for some ways to treat yourself and self-celebrate? We have some ideas.

And let’s look ahead to a great year together. We are looking forward and we’re so excited to continue growing and sharing with you in 2022.

Happy New Year, SOL Family!