Behind The Scents: How We Name Our Perfume Mists

Behind The Scents: How We Name Our Perfume Mists

Cheirosa means to smell incredibly delicious. The ultimate compliment in Brazil is the inspiration for all our Perfume Mist. At Sol de Janeiro, we believe in immersive fragrance experiences with the power to transcend. It’s like an obsession in a spritz. Everyone will ask, What are you wearing? 

If you’ve tried our Perfume Mist before, you may have wondered about the numbers in the names. Where did they come from, and what do they mean? The answer is as expressive and enticing as the scents themselves: Each Perfume Mist is inspired by an event that changed the cultural fabric of Brazil––even down to the names, which are derived from the year when the milestone took place. 

Let’s keep going and immerse ourselves in a little history.  


Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist 

The scent that started it all. Irresistible and sunny, this warm gourmand fragrance is the ultimate expression of Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian spirit. Inspired by the year 1962 when the world fell for the Girl from Ipanema and the iconic beach culture of Brazil. Like the sundrenched wonder of Rio, you just can’t get enough.   

Cheirosa 68 Perfume Mist 

Blooming and bright, this fruity floral fragrance hits you with vibrant notes of Brazilian Jasmine, pink dragon fruit, and sheer vanilla. Inspired by the year 1968 when the Tropicalia Movement influenced an exciting musical and cultural shift in Brazil creating a celebration of colorful energy.  

Cheirosa 40 Perfume Mist 

Sultry and delicate, this warm floral fragrance intoxicates you with a sheer touch of sophisticated sensuality. Inspired by the excitement of 1840 when Rio debuted the legendary bailes Carnaval Ball.  

Cheirosa 71 Perfume Mist 

Warm and cozy, this amber gourmand fragrance tempts you with the cocooning comfort of sumptuous texture. Inspired by our Brazilian muse Leila Diniz, who celebrated her bikini body at eight months pregnant on the beaches of Rio in 1971. Now that's the Sol spirit.  

Cheirosa 87 Perfume Mist (formerly Rio Radiance) 

Beachy and nostalgic, this solar floral fragrance feels like sunshine on skin and takes you back to the lingering memory of a carefree getaway. Inspired by 1987's "Summer of the Cans," a highly influential event that prompted parties, music, and art. Not your typical day at the beach.  

Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist 

Uplifting and delicious, this woody gourmand fragrance envelops you like the warmth of a glowing sunset. Immerse your body and mind with enticing notes of vanilla, orchid, sugared, violet, and sheer sandalwood. Inspired by the year 1959, when singer João Gilberto released the first-credited bossa nova album, Chega de Saudade (“No More Blues”). Everyone should feel this good. 

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Can I spray my Perfume Mist on my hair or my clothes? 

Yes! You can spray all over your body, hair, clothes—anywhere you want to be cheirosa (smell incredibly delicious). 

How can I make my Perfume Mist last longer? 

We recommend layering with a Body Wash or Body Cream in the same scent. This will amplify the fragrance and help it to last. 

Do your Perfume Mist contain nuts? 

No, our Perfume Mist do not contain nuts.  

Have you updated the formulas?  

While our refreshed packaging design aligns with our Brazilian heritage and evokes the aspirational feel that drives us, we are pleased to confirm the formulas you’ve grown to love are the same.