Limited Edition After Hours Perfume Mist | Sol de Janeiro

Introducing: NEW After Hours Perfume Mist

The best nights have something special—an element of surprise that draws you in. In the heart of Rio, as the sun sets and the vibrant city transforms, a new rhythm emerges. That's where our journey with After Hours begins.

Capturing this essence in a bottle just in time for the crispest nights, get ready to discover our limited-edition fall perfume mist.


After Hours invites the thrill of the unexpected. It's a celebration of spontaneity, where unforeseen adventure lies. Intoxicating and velvety, this amber floral fragrance invites you to experience the magnetism of an uninhibited evening, where dusk transitions into dawn.

With After Hours, you're not just embracing a fragrance, but the spirit of the night. This mysterious scent is brought to life by perfumer, Gino Percontino. “I created a bold yet sensual fragrance that dances with you until the sun comes up. A smooth take on Sol de Janeiro’s signature warmth with the intoxicating surprise of night-blooming jasmine.”


The warmth of midnight jasmine, black currant, and amber woods awakens your senses. Whether you're gliding on a dance floor, exploring the city streets, or unwinding with loved ones, you’ll be swept away until the sun comes up.

Much like the night itself, After Hours Perfume Mist is a limited-edition gem. More than a fragrance, it's an experience—an ode to the allure of the night. In one spritz, this captivating scent inspires you to go wherever the night takes you. As unique and long-lasting as the nights you won't forget, it’s a must-have addition to your fragrance collection.

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