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How to Build Your Body Care Routine for the Ultimate Glow

Winter’s below freezing temperatures typically call for cocooning, cozy layers (and layers and layers). With all the covering up, it’s no wonder you might forget about your body care routine. While your skin might get priority status in the summer, it’s actually easy to maintain a year-round glow. In fact, the routine can be a comforting act of self-care––and when the winter blues hit, what could be a better for your day to day? 


Daily Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin 

While showering is the first line of defense in a body skin care routine, a healthy glow requires more than just a rinse. A multi-step routine with carefully selected products ensures that skin stays healthy and nourished––setting the stage for radiance. 

Our Top Tips 

Not sure where to start with a new routine? We recommend taking it one step at a time (literally). Here, find our tips and tricks.  

Tip 1: Start in the Shower 

The shower is the perfect place to begin your body care routine, which starts with––yes––even how far you turn the knobs. Make sure your water’s temperature is lukewarm instead of piping hot (we know this can be a bummer in wintertime). Particularly in cold, winter months, warm water is more beneficial for your skin. It helps tighten pores, which firms up skin and prevents dirt from entering. And when it comes to getting that glow, you’ll also retain essential natural oils. 

With so many products on shelves, it’s difficult to determine which ones are right for you. The key is to consider your skin type. If you have sensitive or extremely dry skin, opt for a gentle body scrub and rich moisturizing body cream.  

Tip 2: Exfoliation is Key 

Exfoliation is the foundation for a skin care routine for glowing skin. It sloughs off dull and drying dead-skin cells, and even boosts circulation. Exfoliating is necessary prep––it helps your skin soak up the benefits from the body care products you layer on later. Taking time to master the art of exfoliation can make all the difference.  

To exfoliate your body, massage an exfoliating scrub into damp skin using gentle circular motions. It's a neck-to-toe journey, so don't forget to give some extra love to often-overlooked spots like your knees and elbows. Now, what to use? Bum Bum Body Scrub is a spa-worthy scrub that gently exfoliates and nourishes with a microbead-free blend. 

Bom Dia Body Scrub is like a facial for your body. This 10% AHA & BHA body scrub treatment instantly retexturizes to deliver clearer-looking, radiant skin. It’s a secret weapon against rough, bumpy patches, including strawberry skin and keratosis pilaris.  

Friendly reminder that body scrubs aren’t suitable for your face, where the skin is more delicate. Be mindful when you scrub around your upper chest and neck, too. These are also sensitive areas.  

Tip 3: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize 

Your skin is your armor, so why not keep it as strong as possible? On the daily, it’s exposed to elements that can dry it out and cause it to become cracked. Shaving and exfoliation can damage skin if you’re not exercising a complete body routine. Enter: your skin’s secret weapon––moisturization. 

Picture this: You’re taking a long, luxurious “everything shower.” You just shaved and exfoliated. Your skin is now squeaky clean and free of dirt and dead skin cells. The next step is to moisturize, and luckily, there are a few ways to soak up all the hydration you can get. Start in the shower with a moisturizing shower gel. Once out, apply a nourishing Body Cream all over to seal in moisture and ensure extra smooth skin. 

Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Gel is a sulfate-free body wash that makes it easy to moisturize. Simply lather all over for hydrated, clean skin. It’s a win-win.  

When it comes to moisture, body cream should be your primary product for hydration. Choose one that addresses both your skin type and areas of concern. For extra dry skin, lock in deep moisture (up to 24 hours*) with Delicia Drench™ Body Butter. If you have rough, bumpy skin then look to Bom Dia Bright™ Body Cream to smooth and clarify. 

The Body Care Routine 

The perfect Body Care routine is the one that works best for your skin type and needs. Whether you're indulging in a night skin care routine for glowing skin or just need to quickly moisturize before catching up with friends, we’ve got you covered with our Body Care routine steps. 


Start your routine priming your skin with a scrub. First, step into your bath or shower and dampen your skin. Then scoop up a generous amount of your favorite scrub and massage it into circular motions to remove dry, dead skin. 


Rinse off the leftover scrub and move on to your Body Wash. Lather up so you cleanse all over.  


Step out of the shower and hold putting on body cream for just minute. Instead, massage on a nourishing body oil. Rub into damp skin, then layer your body cream on top (or even mix the two). Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil is a favorite for deep nourishment and reducing feelings of puffiness. 


Finally, lock in moisture with a Body Cream. Smooth it all over and let deep moisture sink in. Then waltz out of the bathroom feeling like your best self. 

A Joyful Glow 

Even in wintertime, smooth, soft, and radiant skin is within reach with our bath routine for glowing skin. While you won’t need to exfoliate more than twice a week, it’s good practice to make the other steps part of your daily routine. In no time, you’ll notice your best skin yet.