Model spraying Cheirosa 59 perfume mist

How to Make Your Fragrances Last Longer

A good fragrance is like the perfect accessory. It can match your mood and even your outfit. After coordinating from scent to toe, you might find making your fragrance last past the afternoon a challenge. Luckily, there are ways to stretch out your morning spritz. Here, we share how to make perfume last longer simply by applying it correctly. 


The Science Behind Fragrance 

Perfume might seem like magic in a bottle, but really, it’s science powered by the warmth of your skin. Picture this: aromatic molecules swirling in a neutral base. Once they reach you, the liquid evaporates, and the molecules leave your skin. This is what gives off scent.  

Perfumers are meticulous about measuring molecules, so they can control the nature and evolution of their scent. Different perfume notes are strategically combined to hit the air at different times. Hence top, middle, and base notes in perfume descriptions. More lightweight molecules, like those in citrus, pepper, herbs, and fruity notes reach your senses first. The heavier notes linger on skin longer and tend to be amber, woody, and musky notes.  

The time of year brings a whole new rhythm to your scents. In warm weather, perfumes evaporate more quickly on the skin and into the air. This makes citrus, florals, and crisp green scents ideal for summer. On the other hand, perfumes for the winter season tend to be heavier and longer lasting given that the body doesn’t sweat as much. These fragrances tend to be overwhelming if they evaporate too quickly in the warmth of the summer.  

These little-known facts make up a big part of how to make scents last longer. Let’s dive deeper. 


How to Make Fragrance Last Longer: Our Top Tips 

No matter the season, you can be cheirosa (In Brazil, this means to smell incredibly delicious) and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Here’s our guide on how to make your perfume last longer. 

So, How Do You Make Perfume Last Longer? 

Correct application is key to a long-lasting fragrance or perfume. Spraying a cloud of Perfume Mist and walking through it (especially with clothes on) is the least effective way to apply your scent. Instead, treat your fragrance like a step in your skincare routine and apply it directly to your skin. The heat from your skin combined with its natural oils activates the fragrance’s full life cycle for a perfume that is long-lasting. 

Moisturize Before Applying 

Moisturizing fresh out of the shower sets the perfect foundation for perfumes which last all day. After you’ve applied body cream, spray on fragrance while your skin is still damp. The moisture will hold the scent longer.  

If you have several products in the same scent, then layer up. Start in the shower with your scented body wash. After showering, pat your skin dry and apply a matching body cream on damp skin. Finish with a spritz of your fragrance. Pro tip: Make sure your skin is before getting dressed. Putting on clothes can wipe off just-applied fragrance. 

Focus Application On Your Pulse Points 

It’s a tried-and-true tip for a reason. For long-lasting fragrance, apply perfume mist directly on pulse points including your wrists, neck, chest, and even behind your ears. Your skin is thinnest in these areas and therefore, produces more heat. This helps the scent radiate outwards. 

Don’t Rub The Wrong Way 

It might feel like second nature to rub your wrists together after spritzing on fragrance. Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t help make your fragrance last. In fact, the friction distorts fragrance molecules and causes the scent to break down faster. 

Focus On Your Hairbrush, Not Your Hair  

Instead of spraying fragrance directly on your hair, lightly spray your hairbrush instead. This helps protect strands from drying alcohols sometimes found in perfume. Most of it will evaporate on the brush, leaving behind just fragrance oils.  

Steer Clear Of Over-Spraying 

Resist the temptation to douse yourself in your favorite scent. While it may seem like a foolproof tactic for a perfume that lasts all day, it will only serve to overwhelm. Even worse, it won’t help with longevity.  


Sol de Janeiro Scent Suggestions 

Now that you know how to make perfume stay longer, here are scents top apply like an expert.  

In the summer months, spritz on Cheirosa 68 Perfume Mist to feel unexpectedly fresh. Blooming and bright, this fruity floral fragrance invites you to a lush oasis by the sea, with vibrant notes of Brazilian Jasmine, pink dragon fruit, and sheer vanilla. 

Feeling floral but want something a bit warmer? You’ll love Cheirosa 40 Perfume Mist. Give in to its alluring notes of Black Amber plum, jasmine blooms, and vanilla woods. Sultry and delicate, this fragrance pulls you in with a sheer touch of sophisticated sensuality.  

For a year-round fragrance, reach for the one that started it all. Irresistible and sunny, our iconic Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist is sunny and irresistible, with notes of pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla. 

Want to find your perfect scent for these chilly winter months? Discover your fragrance or build a seasonal wardrobe with Warmth of Rio Perfume Set. This trio celebrates Rio’s many layers of warmth, from sun-toasted sand to cozy, cool nights. 

If you want to build a fragrance wardrobe, then start with a set of our best-selling scents. Passport to Paradise Perfume Mist Set includes three of our most-loved fragrances. Rotate your favorites for every mood and moment.  

Even better, most of our Perfume Mist have a complementary body cream in the same scent, so you can layer for that coveted, longer-lasting scent. 


Selecting Your Fragrance  

This process of choosing a scent is all about you––your mood, your vibe, and even your plans. With the right techniques, you can master wearing perfumes that last all day

Remember, scents smell different on every wearer. Your body chemistry, along with your diet, lifestyle, and even the environment can affect how a perfume translates on you. Now that you know how to get the most out of your scent, you can find your perfect one in our Fragrance Finder Quiz. Happy spritzing!