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How To Layer Fragrances

When you think of layering, you might imagine bundling up in clothing to stay warm. But did you know about layering your fragrance? Your scent can be so much more than just a spritz of your favorite perfume. With fragrance layering, you can amp up the effects and create something wholly original.

So, what does fragrance layering mean and how is it done? Here’s our guide on how to layer perfume for maximum impact.

What is Fragrance Layering?

Layering perfume is like mixing colors to form a new hue. When you combine two fragrances, you form a more personalized, custom scent. With the right mixture, the notes complement each other to create an intoxicating, unique fragrance.

You can also layer by using body products in the same scent (or with similar notes) before you apply your perfume. In fact, many perfume brands encourage fragrance layering with body care sets that include matching body cream and body wash. When you use all three together, you build a longer-lasting scent.

Fragrance layering is especially useful when you want your scent to last all day. Try pairing your perfume with matching body products or a stronger, complementary fragrance to extend its wear.

If you aren’t tied to a particular fragrance or prefer trying a new scent every day, play around by layering different combinations. We promise you’ll be hooked on curating your own signature fragrances.

Why Layer Fragrances?

What’s the allure behind layering scents? Those who do it love to create something new and unique. It can also help a signature fragrance last longer.

Pro tip: spray the strongest of the two (or three!) fragrances first. Let it settle, then spray the lighter on top. When using the body cream method, moisturize right after showering. Make sure you apply on the areas where you normally spritz perfume—like your neck and wrists. Then spray your perfume as you normally would.

With fragrance layering, you can build custom scents that show off your personality and mood on any given day. It also allows for limitless options. Or, if you haven’t been able to lock down your signature scent yet, it’s a creative and intentional way to find the perfect one for you.

Tips for Fragrance Layering

Now that we’ve filled you in on fragrance layering, there are a few tips on how to layer scents. Treat it like an experiment and remember, some scents will have competing notes that don’t mix well.

Start by combining fragrances that have at least one common note. You can test them on a piece of paper or cloth first (just remember that scents will smell slightly different on your skin).

If you want to bring out the scent of a single-note perfume or add depth to it, combine it with a fragrance that has the same note amongst a variety of others. Spray heavier scents before lighter ones—it helps the latter hold on to their scent profile. Light top notes will fade faster, but base notes hold their own.

When it comes to perfume layering combinations, floral notes pair well with most other notes. They also pair well with other florals. Perfumes with musk, amber, and woody notes pair well with fruity and citrus perfumes. And notes in the same olfactory category can be used as enhancers.

As you “layer up,” be careful not to pair two heavy or strong perfumes. Keep in mind that our noses are unique. What may work for one person, may not be appealing to another. When in doubt, go with whatever scent gets you excited.

Layering Fragrance with Lotion

Layering fragrances with body cream can be a game-changer. Scented body cream can be as effective as perfume when it comes to layering. Body cream hydrates the skin, making it the perfect foundation layer for your signature scent.

Now for the how-to. Fresh out of the shower, apply your favorite body cream on the same areas you would your perfume. Then spritz on your fragrance of choice and enjoy.

Get the Most Out of Your Fragrance

Fragrance layering is the best way to craft new, unexpected scent combinations that are unique to you. You can also use scent layering to pair perfumes with other body care products. You'll enhance the fragrance and smell exactly how you want.