blonde fine haired woman

How to Take Care of Fine Hair

There are plenty of benefits to having fine hair. It’s low maintenance and typically soft with a natural sheen (translation: “bedhead” is usually not in a fine-haired gal’s vocabulary). While easy to maintain, certain fine hair products and routines will bring out your hair’s natural strength and shine. Let’s talk facts, tips, and texture.

Fine or thin hair?

Contrary to popular belief, “fine” and “thin” hair are not the same. So, what is fine hair compared to thin? According to InStyle, “Fine hair refers to the density of each individual strand” while thin means “there is less density of hairs on the scalp.”

How do you know if you have fine hair? The simple answer is, just touch it. Trichologist and hair expert Shab Reslan explains, “Fine hair is typically barely felt when running when your thumb and index finger through a single strand.”

Caring for fine hair

If you’re one of our fine-haired friends, then you may struggle with volume. While certain products can help achieve that “oomph,” there are basic rules for your routine that’ll keep strands from falling flat.

Shampoo your scalp

It’s an open secret that fine strands become greasy easily. Hairstylist Jay Braff explains to Into The Gloss, “…the shaft of the hair tends to be smoother and less porous than coarser hair types, so the oils sit visibly on top of the hair.” It’s important to use a shampoo for fine hair, like Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening + Smoothing Shampoo. Formulated without harsh and heavy ingredients, this duo won’t weigh your hair down. When shampooing, cleanse only “the top where it’s dirty and not on the bottom where it isn’t.” This means to focus mainly on the scalp where the hair meets the head. Thoroughly cleansing the mid-length and ends of shafts will only serve to weigh it down.

Don't skip the conditioner

  • Just like shampoo, look for the best conditioner for fine hair. Damage, breakage, and split ends hinder all hair types, but heavy, weighty products just don’t work on fine hair. Instead, they create build-up and cause strands to look dirty quickly. Our recently improved Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening + Smoothing Conditioner maintains a balance so hair doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down. It’s also clinically proven to reduce 58% of hair damage in one use.* This repairing and weightless duo is powered by our patented, bond-repairing SOL Seal Technology(TM) and nutrient-rich Brazilian ingredients.
  • Again, apply selectively. Braff suggests, “Condition[ing] a little bit on the bottom where it’s thirstier and needs that moisture. Don’t condition [the scalp] —it’ll flatten you out.”

Air-dry your hair first

  • Fine hair is delicate which means heat-styling can damage it fast. Before pulling out your blow dryer, Cosmpolitan recommends air-drying “for about 20 minutes or until your roots and ends are almost dry.”
  • To minimize breakage even further, spritz on Brazilian Joia™ Milky Leave-In Conditioner, which adds weightless hydration, gently detangles, and can protect from heat up to 450 degrees.
  • Now, here’s where you get that volume you crave. Vogue explains, “When you blow dry your hair, ensure you direct the airflow underneath the root and upwards, rather blowing down on top of the head.”

Get yourself a comb

  • One of the most essential hair products for fine hair is the right brush or comb. You’re dealing with a texture prone to breakage, so it’s important to use tools that won’t pull too hard.
  • Fine hair also tends to knot easily, and detangling methods can cause damage. We suggest using a wide-tooth comb, like ours, in the shower to smooth strands without stressing them.

*After Brazilian Joia™ Shampoo and Conditioner used together. In a clinical study when used as directed conducted by an independent 3rd party lab.