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Makeup Artist's Secrets: Customize Your Perfect Glow

Let’s face it - 2020 hasn’t exactly panned out the way we thought it would, but one thing is still for sure... 

Summertime is STILL our time to shine, no matter what!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate summer (whether we’re at home or socially distancing elsewhere) is by showing off our glowing skin, and nobody knows glowy skin better than makeup artists. We'll take every glowy skin trick and tip we can get our hands on (our recent obsession has been learning through TikTok), but luckily for us, we have our very own makeup artist in the Sol Family who has some tricks up her sleeve.

Say hello to Amanda, our Trade Marketing Manager who also happens to be an extremely talented makeup artist! (Check out her Instagram at @amandajaymakeup )

With years of experience under her belt, she has her own tried-and-true secrets on how to achieve the perfect glowy skin every client covets - continue reading to see what tips she shared with us!



What’s the top request you get from clients when it comes to makeup/skin concerns?

Amanda: As a bridal & editorial makeup artist, the first thing I usually whip out for every client is skincare. Glowing, healthy-looking skin is always THE top request, and highlighting is key when it comes to a big event, night out, or on set shoot. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too much highlight 😉
It brings a next-level element to the look and a youthful, refreshed look to the skin.

What is your favorite glow secret?

AmandaGlowmotions Body Glow Oils are probably one of my most favorite and coveted items that I have. The first time I ever experienced this product was during a masterclass for celeb makeup artist NamVo and I was instantly captured by the instant glow and illumination it gave to the skin on the model. Since then, it has been a staple in my kit and I come across more and more friends and colleagues who use Glowmotions as their best-kept secret for that glowing-from-within vibe. 

What makes that “makeup artist’s touch” different from our regular makeup routines?

AmandaAs a makeup artist all we do is mix…lipstick, foundation, primer, moisturizer you name it! If you ask a makeup artist what lip color they used on you, there’s usually a laundry list behind it of all the beautiful colors to get that perfect shade that was custom made just for you. 

With the Glowmotions Glow Oils, I love to mix to get that perfect balance and create a beautiful look that is custom for my clients. That is one of the best things about this product (along with the scent of course) is that they really are fluid and look great on all skin tones.

Here are my current favorite tips!

For a natural “woke up like this” glow
Create a beautiful glow-from-within vibe by applying my favorite shade of Glowmotions to clean skin, mix with a little moisturizer and foundation for a seamless blurring effect. It gives the skin an amazing base for any look, whether it be natural with a tinted lip and mascara, or a bold glam look.

Looking bronzed and chiseled to the GODS
To take the look to the next level, I always apply a little cream bronzer to add depth and highlight to create a truly illuminated gorgeous complexion.

For legs that look like they walked off the runway
It's romper season! Another tip for wearing those cute rompers and dresses this summer is to use Glowmotions on the shins, giving legs a vibrant blurring tint and healthy-looking glow. (Even though we’re working from home, it’s an instant mood booster to wear a cute outfit and glow at home!)

Soon-to-be bride? We’ve got you covered.
Another top place I used this product is on the collarbones and shoulders. (This is a MUST for brides, btw!) Not only does it smell delicious (which your future hubby will love) but I have full trust in this product as it is transfer resistant and we all don’t want our products slipping and sliding around a white dress! 
Adding Glowmotions mixed with love and joy on your wedding day, brings an illumination and beauty like no other. For even MORE glow, apply your regular highlighter on top of the Glowmotions you applied on your collarbones for a strobing effect.
Subtly Radiant
For a quick way to glow, I love using Glowmotions on the cupid's bow (above the lip), tip of the nose, and sides of the temples. Swipe on a quick layer of clear lip gloss and you’re ready to flaunt the “I woke up like this” look. Perfect also for quick Zoom meetings or a date night in.





In the spirit of summer, here are some of my favorite Glowmotions "cocktails" for your custom glow!

Beachside Bellini: For an amazing "just-off-the-beach" look, I love mixing Carnaval Queen and Copacabana Bronze. The peachy golden tone in Carnaval Queen and the deep bronze warm tone of Copacabana Bronze are a match made in heaven for that Just kissed by the sun about to dance the night away on the beaches of Brazil vibe.

Golden Goddess: For a golden goddess look (my personal fave) I mix Copacabana Bronze and Rio Sunset. These two shades mixed will leave you feeling like Athena herself, trust me on this one. Add a little more  Copacabana Bronze to really amp up the intensity.
(Pro-tip: You can get this duo on a deal HERE!)
The Batida: Perfect beachside pick me up, like the tropical drink of brazil… mix Rio Sunset (2- 3 pumps) and a little  Carnaval Queen (1 pump) for the ultimate I just stepped out of pure sunshine and I'm taking a break for a little sip of paradise look.

What’s your go-to Glowmotions cocktail?

Share with us, and glow on! ✨