Jess Palu, Flywheel Sports Instructor, NYC

Stay In-Shape This Holiday Season - Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro interviews Jess Palu, Flywheel Sports Instructor, NYC 

1. What has been your most grueling physical challenge to date?
As a professional dancer and Flywheel Sports instructor in New York City,  the holiday season is the most physically grueling time of year for me! Preparing to open a show as I teach my classes can be a grueling process, both physically and mentally, but it's all about balance and preparation. Dance rehearsals can last up to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week and up to 5 shows daily, and up to 17 shows weekly. I also teach 8-10 Flywheel classes per week.  While all of this may sound exhausting, I have found the combination of the two compliments each other to create a perfect balance in my life.

2. Best advice to stay motivated during cold and dark winter months?
I always love getting in a good sweat no matter what the temperature is outside.  Getting my blood pumping with an early Flywheel class helps me set the tone for my day as well as staying energized for a long day of rehearsal. A good ride always helps me relieve stress, and seeing my riders always brightens my day!

3. Your favorite feature and how do you care for it?
My legs are my favorite feature!  To give them the deserved TLC after a long day of dancing and FLYing on the bike, I love a good ice or Epsom salt bath to reduce swelling and muscle soreness. It also helps speed up recovery so that I am ready to do it all over again the next day.

4. Go-to healthy snack and your guilty pleasure snack?
I always keep a Quest bar with me in my bag for an easy grab and go snack in between rehearsal and classes.  The S'mores flavor is my newest obsession! My favorite guilty pleasure snack – frozen yogurt! I can't say no to some birthday cake ice cream with a little cookie dough on top.

5. Favorite beauty regiment, must have beauty product?
I would be lost without my Rene Furterer dry shampoo! It makes the transition from french twist, to a high pony a cinch! Whether I am in rehearsal, performing on stage, or teaching a Flywheel class, I don't always have enough time to wash my hair in between workouts. I always keep it on hand to give my hair a little fresh volume and shine!

Jess Palu, Flywheel Sports Instructor, NYC