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    5 Tips for Post-Summer Hair Repair

    by Sol de Janeiro Team September 11, 2020

    woman on on the beach with hair blowing in the wind

    By Janell Hickman

    Yes, summer looked a little bit different than expected...but we loved seeing that some of our SOL Babes still found time to squeeze in some time for fun in the sun. Because who doesn’t love sun-kissed skinand cooling off by the beach? Unfortunately, some of your favorite summertime activities can wreak havoc on your hair — once lush, vibrant hair can feel closer to straw by the end of August. Not fun. To help reverse and prevent damage in the future, we createdeasy-to-follow steps for you.


    Tip No. 1: Look for Hair-Healthy Ingredients 

    We love the beautiful texture that salt sprays or sea water can give our hair, but also know that delicate follicles need a little TLC. Aim to use products with good-for-you ingredients to enhance your beautiful head of hair. 

    We formulated ourBrazilian Joia™ Strengthening + SmoothingShampoo andConditioner with a blend of potent ingredients that hold deep nourishing benefits. Not to mention our proprietarySOL Seal Technology™ includesplant-based keratin micro-capsules bond for split end repair and to reverse damage. 

    Brazil Nut Selenium:Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to nurture, help strengthen, and provide superior moisture benefits while protecting against frizz.

    Buriti Fruit Oil:Rich in healthy fats to deeply condition and smooth dry hair, buriti oil helps reverse damage while bringing much-needed shine to dull  or faded hair.

    Coconut Oil:Considered a do-it-all miracle oil, coconut oil is chock full of vitamin E and fatty acids to help nourish the scalpand visibly smooth the cuticle of the hair. 

    Tip No 2: Shampoo Your Hair Less 

    Just like you, weloveour iconic Cheirosa ‘62 scent (we get why shampooing your hair feels so delicious), but frequent contact with water can eliminate natural oils, bring on color fadingandcuticle swelling — which makes your hair more susceptible to breakage or dryness. 

    This tip is *particularly* important for SOL Babes who color their hairor get any chemical hair services (think, keratin treatments, bleaching or relaxers) that can weaken the hair follicle. The exception? Beach and pool days — or if you had a particularly sweaty workout session—a thorough cleansing (followed by conditioner) is your best bet to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. 

    Tip No. 3: Condition, Condition, Condition!

    Laid-back beach days, picnics in the park, or even chilling in your backyard expose your delicate strands to the harsh sun, chemicals (like chlorine) and salt water, stripping it of much-needed hydration. Rejuvenate your hairwith a rich, creamy conditioning treatment once a week at minimum. 

    Of course, we’re pretty partial to our Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening + Smoothing Conditioner that blends powerful Brazilian ingredients to hydrate from the inside out. Leave it on for 2 to 10 minutes to reveal soft, shiny, moisturized hair. For deeper penetration, throw on a shower cap and let it sit for longer before rinsing out. 

    Tip No. 4: Minimize Heat Styling

    We’re all about effortless, beautiful hair that makes us feel good. And while styling tools help give us the option for more versatile looks, they can also cause hair damage. Summer is already hot enough (and UV damage is real), so opting for heat-free styles can help you protect the health of your hair. 

    Want easy, effortless, beachy waves? No problem. After shampooing your hair, apply lessconditioner than you typically would before braiding your hair into a ponytail or a twisted bun. Allow to air dry overnight, shake out, andvoilà— Brazilian-worthy waves without any fuss. 

    Tip No. 5: Show Your End Some Love

    Even with an amazing hydrating and repairing routine,trimming your hair is essential.If you can’t get to the salonjustyet, using your conditioner as a split end treatment is your next best bet. Remember, unlike your scalp, it takes much longer for your ends to receive natural oils since they have to travel all the way down the hair shaft. 

    Before your next wash, applyconditioner directly to dry (not damp) ends and leave on overnight. In the morning, rinse out and enjoy hydrated, healthy strands and minimize the look of split ends. Those with super dry or damaged hair can skip rinsing and enjoy as a leave-in treatment. 

    Finally, enjoy these last slices of summer! Take those much-needed moments to yourself to unwind, decompress, and of course, indulge yourselfjusta little bit — especially when it comes to getting your hair back into peak condition.BeijosSOL babes!

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