Women in Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas for SOL Babes - Sol de Janeiro


Be the light of the party this Halloween with a spellbinding glow thanks to our Limited-Edition GlowMotions Glow Oils Samba Sway, Goldie Rocks and Master Flash.


Mermaid Costume DIY Idea

A sequin tube top or dress goes a long way toward mermaid magic when paired with a beachy headband and our Master Flash Glowmotions. Grab a plain headband, a hot glue gun, and shells and pearls for the headband, and cover every inch of visible skin with iridescent shimmer of Master Flash. 

People in Cave Man and Woman Costumes


The Cave Couple Costume

Channel your inner prehistoric power by repurposing a leopard print bathing suit. Samba Sway Glowmotions covers the rest - for that glowing "I just wrestled a saber-toothed tiger and won" look.

Best Friends in Sun and Moon Halloween Costumes


Couple (or BBF) Sun & Moon Costume

Sunshine and moonglow are equally radiant with Goldie Rocks Glowmotions Glow Oil as a base - add a tiara style headband with pre-cut out glitter shapes and a dazzling makeup look. You're good until dawn. 


Four Boo-tiful Ways To Glow Even If You Don't Have a Costume

  • Add a few drops to your foundation for an instant glow or bronzey effect 
  • Dab on cheekbones for soft, shimmery light
  • Play with light and deeper shades to highlight + contour
  • Add a touch of glow anywhere you want a soft, dewy look

All Treats. No Tricks. 

Love It. Flaunt It. You’ve Got It.

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