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How To Grow Out Your Hair

Wondering how to achieve long, luscious locks? There are plenty of tricks and tips for growing out hair. Some are rooted in science, while others seem more like myth. Put it all together, and you have a confusing set of instructions. We’re cutting through the noise with definitive steps for maximizing length.

Get Regular Trims

One of the most important tips for how to grow out hair is regular trims. While cutting your hair might seem counterintuitive, it actually helps to keep the shafts healthy. Ask your stylist for a “dusting” which only takes off an eighth of an inch. This maintains length while removing split ends caused by hot tools or environmental stressors. “If left to their own devices, those split ends can work their way higher up the hair’s shaft,” hairstylist Vernon François explains to Vogue. “If you wait too long in between trims, you’ll end up having to take off more length in the end.” Three dustings a year will keep hair strong enough to grow. In between, apply products that reduce split ends like Triple Brazilian Butter™ Hair Repair Treatment. In a clinical study, it was proven to mend up to 96% of split ends after one use.* Healthy hair, here you come.

Use The Right Shampoo

If length is what you’re after, then look for a shampoo without parabens or sulfates. Sulfate formulas can be drying and hydration is important for growth. Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening & Smoothing Shampoo is a sulfate-free formula for fine to medium hair. It keeps hair healthy with vegan-friendly Brazilian ingredients that cleanse and moisturize. We suggest gently massaging it directly into your scalp for 1-2 minutes. This helps stimulate the follicle which will promote growth.

Condition Consciously

If you’re wondering how to grow hair out, then consider a multi-product conditioning routine. “As hair grows longer in length, the tips will go through more environmental stressors and deplete the natural oils that keep hair shiny and smooth,” explains Townsend. Conditioning them outside of your everyday wash will keep them even soft. Your everyday conditioner should be similar to Brazilian Joia™ Strengthening & Smoothing Conditioner, which focuses on moisture and damage repair, particularly split ends. In between washes, use a leave-in product like Brazilian Joia™ Milky Leave-In Conditioner, a lightweight mist that is clinically proven to repair split ends, while instantly hydrating hair and protecting against heat damage.

Repair With An Oil

The easiest way to keep strands healthy is with an oil. Simply smooth onto dry hair for instant hydration. Brazilian Glossy™ Nourishing Hair Oil is infused with a powerful blend of Brazilian Oils that fights frizz up to 72 hours, adds mirror-like shine, and deeply moisturizes thick, thirsty strands. In seconds flat, your hair is primed for growth.

Try A Comb

Damaged strands pose a problem when growing hair out. Avoid breakage by using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. The Sol Yellow Wide Tooth Comb is strong and stylish, gliding gently through all hair textures. When using, start from the ends and work your way up. Hair is also more prone to breakage when wet. It’s best to detangle before shampooing with a hydrating product, like Brazilian Joia™ Milky Leave-In Conditioner.

Protect From Heat

When using hot tools, decrease the temperature to mid-range and always use a heat protectant. Brazilian Joia™ Milky Leave-In Conditioner protects up to 450 degrees and is clinically proven to repair split ends. When it comes to how to grow your hair out, that’s a win-win.