11 tips to keep your skin radiant this year

11 tips to keep your skin radiant this year

With 2022 behind us, you might be pondering a few resolutions to help make the most of 2023. Maybe you’d like to do more traveling or even learn a new skill. While these are all helpful for self-improvement, there is something you can focus on that’s even more attainable: your skincare. Doing things like eliminating dry skin and drinking more water are not only easy goals, but they’ll leave you with a radiant complexion for 2023 and beyond. Here, find eleven tips for getting (and keeping) glowing skin.

Moisturize year-round

Make your body care a priority by moisturizing on a daily basis. Just like your face, your body is prone to dry skin, lines and creases and even congestion. It’s amazing, though, what the right body cream can do for these concerns.

During the colder, drier months of the year, you should use a nourishing body oil such as Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil and rich creams like Coco Cabana™ Cream.

You may be wondering how to get radiant skin on your body specifically. Well, Bom Dia™ Bright Cream uses Fruit AHAs and BHAs to gently retexturize skin and leave it with a healthy glow.

Looking to plump skin and boost elasticity? Beija Flor™ Elasti-Cream uses vegan collagen and a natural retinol alternative to give you just the right amount of bounce. If you’re interested in firming and tightening, then look no further than our award-winning Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

Exfoliate Regularly

Out of all the radiant skin products, a good exfoliator might be the most important. A once a week exfoliating session does wonders to slough away dry, dull skin and reveal your glowing complexion underneath.

The Bom Dia Body Scrub not only gives you that healthy glow you’re chasing, it also helps clear blemishes and congestion. Bum Bum Body Scrub comes in our iconic Cheirosa 62 scent, which means it smells heavenly while leaving skin smooth and soft.

Use Sunscreen

Here’s a resolution worth keeping year after year. Applying a daily SPF is an absolute must – even if it’s cold, cloudy, or your hat brim is particularly gigantic. Without sunscreen, you won’t achieve that radiant glow. Instead, skin damage can manifest as burns and skin spots. Look for products with SPF built in and leave them where you do your daily skincare routine. That way you won’t forget this important step!

Invest in a Humidifier

One of our most unexpected glowing skin tips is to keep a humidifier switched on in your room. Scaly, chapped skin happens when you spend too much time in air that lacks moisture. In winter months, a humidifier is perfect for pumping out artificial hydration. Your skin will soak it up and get glowing.

Drink Plenty of Water

Outside of beauty products, you may be wondering how to get brighter skin naturally. Well, we mentioned that a humidifier hydrates you from the outside. When it comes to hydration from the inside, the answer is simple. Drink water. We all know water is important for your overall health, but it’s especially important for your skin. Your body shows evidence of dehydration by breaking out or becoming flaky. If you haven’t yet, make this the year you invest in a reusable water bottle that’s easy to tote wherever you go.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Take stock of your diet and work to eliminate your unhealthiest staples. Chances are these processed or sugar-ladened foods are compromising your skin. Wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins won’t cause acne and will help contribute to a glowing complexion. The best foods for radiant skin are everything from avocados to tomatoes, olive oil, spinach and berries.*


Make the most of your showers

Showering is great way to find a little calm in your day and improve your skin. Our best tip for how to get glowing skin is to avoid harsh soaps or body washes that strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead, look for sulfate-free formulas like the creamy Coco Cabana™ Moisturizing Body Cream-Cleanser and luxurious Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

The term “Beauty Sleep” makes a lot of sense once you realize what a good night’s rest can do for your skin. While you sleep, your skin repairs itself and encourages cell turnover – all of which contributes to a healthy, glowing complexion.** So, get in those eight hours and wake up feeling (and looking) refreshed.


Keep Moving

We all know exercise is amazing for the entire body. But maybe you didn’t realize just how good it is for your skin. When you work out, your blood flow increases which in turn, nourishes skin cells. More specifically, blood brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells and then carries away harmful free radicals.*** It’s like a cleanse for skin – just from the inside instead of out.


Find Your Zen

Thinking of taking up meditation in 2023? It’s a great idea for your mind and your skin. Keeping stress levels down is important for maintaining a glowing complexion. Stress creates a hormone called cortisol which causes acne among other skin conditions.**** So next time you feel stressed, take a deep breath and think glowing, radiant things.


Avoid Poor Air Quality

Smoke and smog are obvious culprits for dull skin, but other conditions like air pollutants or very dry air can also also wreak havoc. Maintain a glow by minimizing your exposure to smoke or other situations where the air quality is poor. You can also make good use of humidifiers – and don’t forget to change your home’s air filters regularly.*****