Glowing From The Inside Out - Sol de Janeiro

There’s no denying that having that “glow” has become an international obsession - and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to look like an ethereal goddess in the same realm of JLo and Beyonce?


Quarantine may have taken away our inspiration to glow now that we have been spending more time indoors - our favorite highlighters (along with all of our other makeup) haven’t been picked up, we’ve been cut off from going to the gym, and even though the summer sun is out, why bother putting on any bronzing glow if no one is going to see it - right?


Quarantine can’t dim this glow. In fact, this is the PERFECT opportunity to finesse the glow up of the decade from the inside out. So come on you beautiful cocooned butterflies, let’s glow together.

Achieving that Inner Glow

Drink Water - Are you even surprised to see this coming? You might hear this time and time again, but this tip is SO overlooked! You’re probably not drinking enough water while at home, so it’s extra important to always have a full glass of water nearby. Your skin is the last organ to get water and the first to lose hydration (I mean I guess it makes sense that our bodies prioritize our vital organs first), so you need to be drinking more water than you think. In order to have plump, healthy, gorgeous looking skin, you need to be drinking an adequate amount of water… then another glass on top of that for good measure.

Stay Bright - Your skin isn’t the only thing you can keep bright - your brain deserves some love too! This time of isolation is a hard stop for a lot of us, but a perfect time to keep your mind sharp and learn new things during this newfound down-time. Pick up that new book, shuffle on another podcast, do a creative activity that flexes your right-brain. 

Radiant Energy - Staying positive is hard given the tough circumstances we’re in right now, but we are ultimately going to get through this - that’s the inevitable truth. 

Meditate, do breathing exercises, and journal. Stay real, but optimistic. People who are resilient have an inexplicably unique glow to them - we blame it on optimism.


 Now that we’ve got our inner glow covered, it’s time to work on that outer glow!

Exercise! - Real talk - sweat is the OG dewy, glow. How do you think our idols of the early 2000’s were THAT glowy? By dancing their Bum Bums off! (Remember, this was pre-strobing trend). Shakira’s hips don’t lie, and neither does her glow.

Plus, the endorphins after working out will show on your face and in your energy. It's seriously one of the best ways to brighten yourself up, so make like JLo and get moving. 

Glow Boosters - Sometimes, we just need a little extra help to achieve that extra radiant glow. GlowMotions Glow Oils provide that instant boost (for body and face), plus they’re packed with skin softening ingredients to help our skin out in the long run too. Our newest shade Carnaval Queen is a pop-pink shade but applies with a beautiful golden sheen (think Nars Orgasm blush that you can SWIM IN). 

Whenever we have it on and pass by a window with sunlight beaming in, we can’t help but stop and admire our glowing skin. That’s how it should be every day, right?

Don’t want an intense glow? Your daily moisturizer can give you that juicy glow too. If you want a little caffeine kick and a subtle mica sheen try Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, or if you’re crazy about dewy, hydrated skin, go for Coco Cabana Cream. Can’t lose either way!

Filters IRL  - Listen up fam, because we’re literally about to out ourselves on our best-kept secret of the month. If you’re like us, quarantine has been ruled by Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool.
There's a secret setting that you can turn on so you look a little extra glowy and airbrushed for your virtual meetings. (Careful though, this won't add a pants filter so be careful not to get too comfortable.)

Go to: Video Settings > Video tab > My Video: Touch up my appearance.


Look Forward - It’s always nice to look forward to something. We have some #OddlySatisfying tech backgrounds for you to look at every time you need a little glow-inspo.

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Ready, set, GLOW!