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Make WFH Work for Your Body - Sol de Janeiro

At the moment, life is definitely different. As we do our part to work from home and still take care of ourselves and others, we’re also learning just how to make each day as positive and productive as possible. And with our home space likely to be our everything space at the moment (work, gym, perpetual Zoom venue), it’s no wonder our bodies may be feeling a little different, too.
Whether it’s little aches and pains from our decidedly non-ergonomically friendly work set up, or our ambitious new workouts (or lack thereof), we definitely need to take care of our bodies in a whole new way.
Well, we’re all about taking care of our bodies so we want to share some SOL Solutions to support and shed some light on your new routine.
First, Work. 
Many of us are doing the whole remote thing. Home is definitely different from the smartly designed and ergonomic work stations we might be used to. So, working, Zooming, and tapping away on our laptops for hours on questionable tables, countertops or beds (eek), might lead to a few body concerns.

A few tips to keep your body balanced and happy –  

Set up your computer the right way

Place your screen in front of you at a comfortable viewing height so your head is comfortably raised and your neck is straight.  Also, make sure your keyboard and mouse or touchpad are at a comfortable height in front of you. Your forearms and hands should be level and straight, with your arm close to the side of your body when using your mouse. Keeping your arm at your side, helps to keep nerves from being compressed.

Sit back in your chair

Don’t hunch forward and if your chair doesn’t have good lower-back support, use a cushion or rolled-up towel behind your lower back. 

 Watch your screen time and make sure you take breaks to stretch and move around.
Breathe. Meditate. Self-care. Repeat.
Taking a few deep breaths at the end of the day is a great way to recharge. Try to make some time to meditate and reflect on the things you're grateful for. It’s a nice end-of-the-day activity to help transition to evening mode. Add a warm bath or shower to really soak up the self-care. Here are some ideas.
Sol de Janeiro’s 4-Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel  is always a fave for a transportive trip for the senses. Deeply cleanses and hydrates, leaving skin smooth and scented with our irresistible Cheirosa ’62 fragrance and notes of pistachio and salted caramel.
Brand new in our shower, our Coco Cabana Moisturizing Body Cream-Cleanser  is our most moisturizing body wash for clean, moisture-plush skin. Creamy soft and super hydrating, this luxurious shower treat is enriched with our CocoSugar Blend of nourishing coconut oil and fermented sugar for skin that’s soft, clean and bouncy. In our Cheirosa ’39 fragrance and notes of coconut cream, tropical orchid and toasted praline. Yum.
For a little spa-like glow and vibe, add our SOL Cheirosa ’62 Candle. Instantly brings the warmth and feel-amazing scent of Brazil and our dreamy Cheirosa ’62 fragrance.

Second, Work Outs. 
Work and play are pretty much going together all in one place right now – and that includes exercise. Working out is a great way to stay strong and healthy (and decompress), but let’s make sure we do it the right way!
Clear your space
Sounds obvious but you want to be sure you have enough space to move, jump around and exercise safely.  Be sure there’s nothing on the floor move furniture out of the way if you need to. Check that you’re in the clear by putting your arms up and able to do a 360-degree spin.
Listen to your body
There are so many great (and free!) workout options online but make sure you pay attention to your own individual fitness level. If you’re new to exercise, that’s great – but take it slow and if you try a workout that doesn’t feel good for your body, skip it and try another option that feels better.
Switch it up 
Mix up your routine so you’re not repeating the same movements. For example, alternate between weights and cardio. Allow at least one or two days of the week for rest and recovery. On your rest days do some foam rolling – and there’s nothing wrong with Netflix binging! This can also be a great day for a little self (or at-home partner) massage. Massaging sore muscles with our Brazilian Bum Bum Cream or Açaí Body Power Cream gives your body a double bonus of a soothing massage and skin-loving benefits your skin will soak up.
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream 
Buttery-rich and fast-absorbing, this is so brilliant for massage. Enriched with our signature Brazilian Beauty Blend of cupuaçu butter and coconut and açaí oils and in our addictive Cheirosa ’62 scent with notes of pistachio and salted caramel. With a hint of shimmer, this really is sunshine in a jar.
Açaí Body Power Cream 
This rich yet lightweight body cream exhilarates and replenishes with antioxidant-rich açaí oil. Whipped with super nourishing cupuaçu butter and coconut oil, plus a soft glow for radiant, healthy-looking skin. The crisp clean scent of açaí instantly hits refresh and boosts your mood.