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How to Achieve Curls That Defy Winter

Ah, winter. The season when chilly temps and blustery winds can wreak havoc on your bouncy curls. But you don't have to let your coils fall into a winter slump. Just like you rotate your skincare products for the season, you can also switch up your haircare products for curls that defy winter 

Struggling with dry strands? Want to repair existing damage? Then, you may need a new curly hair winter routine. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Here, we’re spilling all the secrets to keeping curly hair bouncy and moisturized through winter. We’ll also reveal the best curly hair products for winter and how you can fix any damage. Think of this as your ultimate playbook for curly hair in winter. 


How Does Winter Affect Curly Hair? 

Winter conditions cause major curly hair woes. The drop in temperature and dew points lead to drier air and lower humidity. This often results in curls that feel dryer than usual, unwelcome frizz, limpness, and overall unpredictability. 

These winter effects are more than just a minor inconvenience. Cold, dry air tends to lift the hair cuticle, leading to a loss of moisture throughout the hair shaft. This isn't just frustrating; it can cause real damage to beautiful curls. If your curly hair is color-treated, winter can be especially harsh, further stripping strands of vibrancy and shine. Not to mention, high winds and even protective gear like hats can cause your curls to tangle, snag, and break.  

Not on our watch though. Here’s how you can achieve and maintain gorgeous hair in chilly months. 


8 Tips for Curly Hair Care During Winter 

It's essential to solidify a winter curly hair routine. The key to this is embracing moisture. Let’s dive further into some expert tips for curly hair in winter. 

Deep condition once a week 

It’s inevitable. During winter, the colder temps and lack of moisture will dry out your curls. Combat this by deep conditioning regularly. After washing your hair, apply a hydrating mask while hair is still wet, evenly coating it from root to tip, and concentrating on the ends. Leave on for 10 minutes (or more) before rinsing thoroughly. For best results use once a week or once every other week.  

Co-wash more often 

If you’re not already co-washing your curls regularly, winter is the perfect time to start. And if you are, try to do it more. Co-washing is a curly hair-washing technique that replaces your regular shampoo with a conditioner. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly, especially at your roots. 

Wash the night before 

Curly hair can often take hours to fully dry. During the winter, we don’t recommend going out with wet hair. The cold, dry air can dehydrate it, leading to unnecessary breakage. Instead of washing your hair in the morning, do it at night. Then, partially diffuse your curls before going to bed. 

If you MUST go out with wet hair... 

Sometimes, there’s just no way around it. In that case, cover your curls with a silk scarf or hat. This will protect strands from cold, dry air and help prevent frizz, tangles, and even split ends. Wearing a satin or silk-lined hat will also protect your curly hair in wind. It prevents friction which reduces unnecessary frizz and dryness.  

Cut back on protein treatments 

Believe it or not, protein dries out your curls and increases their need for moisture. During an already dry season, this is a big don’t. You’ll also want to avoid using anything with a high concentration of proteins, like hydrolyzed wheat protein and silk protein. 

Use more product 

To counteract the drying effects of colder temperatures, you can be a bit more heavy-handed with the amount of product you use in winter. Namely conditioner, curl cream, and gel. When it’s especially dry outside, you need more product to keep your curls healthy and well-defined. Your curls respond differently to products in different climates, so experiment with how much you may need in cooler months.  

Finish your routine with oil 

The best way to quench thirsty strands is by sealing ends with a hair oil. The final step in your curly styling routine, it will lock in all the products used before it and prevent moisture from escaping. It also protects your curls from indoor artificial heat, dry air, wind, and snow. Look for a nourishing oil that repairs damage and adds shine.  


8 Best Winter Hair Products for Curly Hair 

Whether you’re a curly or wavy-haired girl, the products you use in winter should all be intentional and well-researched. Your winter curly hair routine is the cornerstone for beautiful, healthy, hydrated curls. Want to know the best curly hair winter products? Read on.  

Leave-in conditioner 

Because the colder temps and lack of moisture in the air will inevitably dry out your curls, a leave-in conditioner will help keep them hydrated. Brazilian Joia Milky Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight mist that hydrates dry hair. It also detangles, fights frizz, repairs split ends, and protects against heat damage—all in one flexible formula. 


Did you know in winter, you can combat statically charged strands and flyaways with hairspray? It eliminates frizz, adds structure, and supplies hold without leaving residue. After styling, simply spray curls to keep your hair in place. You can even keep it handy for hat days.  

Hydrating hair mask 

Healthy hair is hydrated hair. During drier months, bi-weekly hair masking with Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment is a must. This mighty hair mask for thick strands provides intense hydration, deep nourishment, and increased resistance to hair breakage. 

Heat protection spray 

Whenever you heat style your curls, spray heat protection on damp hair from mid-length to ends. Our recommended lightweight formula has up to 450° heat protection and shields strands from the damaging effects of hot tools, especially in colder temperatures. 

Dry shampoo 

Notice your curly hair is flat in winter? Depending on how oily your roots get, we recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week. Over washing your curls strips them of natural oils, causing hair to become even more dry and dull. In between washes, use a dry shampoo to absorb oil and impurities. 

Curl cream 

A curl cream's job is to define curls, so that they fall into their natural pattern with added bounce and shine. This is especially important in winter when curls can fall flat. A lightweight curl-enhancing cream gives better definition to all types of curls or wavy hair. 

Hair oil 

Sealing the ends of your curls with a nourishing hair oil will keep them looking healthy through dry, winter months. Infused with a powerful blend of Brazilian oils, our recommendation fights frizz for up to 72 hours*, adds mirror-like shine, repairs damage, and deeply moisturizes thick, thirsty strands.   


Your Winter Hair Saviors 

If you master the art of moisturizing your curls, you’ll ensure hydration sticks. Just because winter air is dry doesn't mean your hair must follow suit.  

We talked about products made especially for curls, but what about the foundations for every hair routine? Our sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner uses patented SOL Seal Technology™ for damage repair to give you strong, nourished healthy hair. It’s the perfect pair for curly-haired girls with a fine to medium texture. 

And there you have everything you need for a curly hair winter routine. With the proper methods and products, your curls can shine this season.