How To Choose the Right Fragrance for Different Seasons

How To Choose the Right Fragrance for Different Seasons

Finding the perfect fragrance is an art. It’s where personal taste meets mood and occasion. Your chosen scent has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, leave lasting impressions, and even become an extension of your identity. And once you find “the one,” you may be reluctant to switch things up. But what if we told you that as the seasons change, so should your fragrance? It’s all about knowing what works best for the weather and of course, your skin. If you’re wondering, what fragrance should I wear? we got you. Here are some tips to find the fragrance to suit you in every season.

Why Change Your Fragrance with the Seasons?

A good perfume can be the ultimate accessory. And, when searching for the perfect one, we often focus on personality, taste level and, even age. But these aren’t the only things to consider. Perfume should be an extension of both who you are and your desired mood at any given time.

From the lazy days of summer to the comfort of winter evenings, our emotions can change with the weather.

Picking The Right Scent for Spring

Let’s start with the season all about renewal. With more daylight, warmer weather, and lush greenery as a stunning backdrop, fresh and subtle fragrances are ideal for spring. And what better way to embrace spring’s arrival than with a new seasonal perfume? Go for floral, fruity notes like peonies, orchids and cherry blossoms—they’re sure to turn heads.

Our pick? Cheirosa 68 Perfume Mist. This blooming and bright fragrance is where Brazilian jasmine meets pink grapefruit and sheer vanilla. Think garden in Rio or lush oasis by the sea. Unexpectedly fresh, it’s a celebration of colorful energy.

Choosing A Summer Fragrance

As summer descends and temperatures rise, we begin to crave relaxation and sunny holidays. Feeling tempted to get away from it all? As you lounge by the pool or tan at the beach, make sure Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist is in your weekender bag. With delicious notes of pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla, it’s irresistible, sunny scent and will leave you in a summer state of mind year-round.

You may also want to bring along Rio Radiance Perfume Mist. This hair and body perfume spray evokes that forever vacation mood. Beachy and nostalgic, this solar floral fragrance allows you to bask in transportive notes of leite de coco, solar tuberose, and warm sand.

Finding Your Fall Scent

The warm and lowkey earthy feel of fall sets it apart from the other seasons. As the days gradually grow shorter and the temperatures drop, don’t give up on fragrance. You can literally readjust your mood in a spritz.

Reach for warm scents that are bursting with character. You’ll love Cheirosa 40 Perfume Mist. Sultry yet delicate, this warm floral fragrance pulls you in with a sheer touch of sophisticated sensuality.

Strong scents with woody and spicy notes are also ideal for fall, along with light scents that fade to a deeper note—think cedarwood, vanilla, and amber.

Ahh, winter. A time for rich, bold scents to reinvigorate those sleepy senses.

Did you know that during winter, fragrances tend not to last as long? Moisture on the skin can help your fragrance last longer, but our skin is drier this time of year. That makes it an ideal time for cozier scents. Those with warm notes of amber, cinnamon and musk are also ideal for winter—they’re comforting and soothing. Pro tip: layer up with a hydrating body wash and cream.

Wondering what perfume should I wear? Try Cheirosa 71 Perfume Mist. It’s an enveloping fragrance that’s decadent, like cashmere. Wrap yourself in rich notes of caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia, and tonka bean. Spritz from head to toe, anytime and anywhere. We promise, compliments will ensue.

As you’re finding your winter fragrance, keep in mind that they work differently based on your body’s chemistry. For dry skin, seek more intense fragrances for a longer-lasting essence, or opt for a bundle set complete with a fragranced body cream.

What Is the Best Way to Wear Perfume for Each Season?

If you’ve ever been caught in the mesmerizing scent of someone else’s wake, you know how alluring it can be. From the heat of summer to the chilly days of winter, here’s how you can leave others in your wake no matter the season.

Pro tip: In summer, spray a light perfume mist on your hair. As the cool breeze tosses your tresses, your fragrance will subtly release. Simply spray and walk through it. In winter, a subtle scent can be hard to leave behind when your skin is covered up. Our advice? Leave nothing to chance—perfume your scarf, hat and coat.

Will You Dare to Change Your Fragrance This Season?

While a seasonal scent change is a bold choice, it’s one that ensures your perfume is always *chef’s kiss* just right. But for your perfume to match the season, you first have to understand what’s most ideal for winter, spring, summer, and fall.

We recommend taking your cues from nature and choosing a fragrance by its notes. And when you factor in your skin type, you’ll always feel as good as you smell.