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Sol de Janeiro is a celebration of Brazilian Beauty Secrets and the hot music, party atmosphere and sexy Brazilians that make up the Brazilian Lifestyle . As the New York Times has said,” Brazil is to Cool What China is to Commerce.”

Sol de Janeiro is a representative of the famous Brazilian Lifestyle, which helps keep in focus that life can be more beautiful and should be lived
more naturally, more colorfully, more happily and more sensually. It is the perfect background
for anyone to relax and appreciate all the good things in their life.

When using Sol de Janeiro’s products you’ll imagine yourself lying on the sun drenched beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. We’d like to make these dreams even more vivid with music and videos to help you release your inner Brazilian Goddess.

Watch our very own music video performed by top Brazilian Singer Rodrigo Sa.

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Helping people is very rewarding, and working in the Sol Customer Care team gives me the chance to interact with our customers every day. My goal is to always try and find the best solution to any issue you may have. 



Olá! I love working in customer service because I get the opportunity to support customers all day long. Ensuring our beautiful Brazilian Beauty products get to you safely, in a timely manner, and are everything you expect, is so rewarding. 

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